Same-sex marriage will hurt families, society

Discussion in 'The Refreshment Lounge' started by Blake Bowden, Aug 21, 2010.

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  2. Sirius

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    I know a couple of teenagers that just got pregnant and they didn't have to get married to do it. I like the sentiment of the author, but marriage is not just about children.

    What children need most is love. I'm reminded of that little girl that was found in a closest a few years ago. She had been kept there for years. A true nightmare situation. Her heterosexual parents did that to her. Sure a mom and a dad are best, but absent that, love is the most important thing.

    Aside from that I'm not sure where the big threat to marriage is. The 50% divorce rate and Britney Spears have already made a mockery of marriage. I know of no happily married men that would divorce their wives and marry a man should it be legal. If your marriage is in trouble it's not because of the Smith family down the street.

    I really don't understand those who say that 'same sex marriage will make my marriage worth less'. Again and again the author of the article seems to express this idea. How will he love his wife less? How will his commitment to her lessen? That sounds like he is making his happiness contingent on the actions of a third party that he doesn't even know.

    There are a lot of things I don't understand (the Twilight books and movies among them). But if something makes someone happy and it in no way hurts anyone else, whats the problem?
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    Sirius, I have said similre things for several years. The two men or women who are getting married by the JP in no way affect my marriage, relationship or my committment to my wife and it never will. So why should I care if they get married? And as far as children, it's funny that Florida will allow same sex couples to raise foster kids and have documented their positive progress in a loving enviroment but same sex couple in FL cannot legally adopt.

    I totally agree with your post.
  4. peace out

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    What a question.

    Marriage is between two people and their SAOTU, not government. That's not to say that government doesn't legislate morals. They do.

    But why does marriage require a license? Ultimately, it's for the sake of the children. It's society's way of saying, "hey, your child is a legal responsibility" and "we care about the welfare of the children." I can't find any concrete evidence to say that homosexuals can't provide as loving and moral of home as heterosexuals. I imagine most fear comes from the idea of relaxing laws on marriage means a relaxing of care for children. Obviously, that's not the statement anyone wants to put out. But this doesn't seem like a relaxing of laws, just a broader definition.

    I shrug my shoulders and try to answer the question why not? Can it make things worse?

    In another light, this seems to be an issue like drinking. Right, wrong, or indifferent, drinking is regulated. Oh sure, it's legal, but some find it immoral, others find it moral in moderation, and others use it as a powerful drug leading to alcoholism.

    Well, homosexuality is considered immoral by many for the the same reasons as drinking. It could promote the idea that homosexuality is OK, and predispose children to homosexuality, and others see it as an escape into self indulgence. Frankly, I find these arguments hogwash.

    But I don't have the whole issue sorted out in my head. It's obviously unnatural in that our bodies weren't made for homosexuality. But we poke holes in our ears, tattoo our bodies, and other things that aren't natural.

    Until someone shows me how legalized homosexual marriage is bad for society, I won't be anti.
  5. PeterLT

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    I agree with Sirius et al.

    We have legalized same sex marriages here up here in the great white north and although there was a great calamity raised by some at first, some years down the road it doesn't seem to have made any difference to the social fabric of our country. The ruling only applies to civil marriages to preserve freedom of religion. All in all, it was a tempest in a teapot.

    The ironic thing is that we had 12 years of Liberal government and they blocked it all the time. It took a Conservative government to call an open, non-partisan vote and it passed.

  6. owls84

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    I look at this as my generation's civil rights movement. 40 years ago it was immoral for a black person to sit near a white person or drink from the same fountain and this is no different. It is going to take a few federal court cases and this will be all behind us. Many people will not agree with the change.

    Many people use religion to justify their perspective on why this shouldn't happen and this bothers me. I understand that it is hard for one to set aside his moral beliefs on a topic like this but does the same views not allow you to judge someone or have hatred in your heart. I am confused as to why we pick and choose which beliefs we want to value. I personally don't care for this lifestyle but I am just fine with it because it is someone elses choice not mine.
  7. rhitland

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    Gay or straight, it is all love to me. I do disagree that marriage is for kids though. That is partly why we have a 50% divorce rate now. Get married have kids, kids grow up then marriage loses its purpose and so you get divorced. I personally got married because I met a woman that takes my pain and breath away on a constant basis. We did decide to have children together but that only strengthened and grew my love for her. My children are my duty but my wife is my gift from God.
  8. JTM

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    I have no problem with same sex marriage as long as they aren't Catholic (my religion).

    I don't believe the same thing they do... so what? They should have less legal rights? No... but I can condemn them to hell (or whatever) and at the same time treat them as human beings that were born with the same rights.

    I wouldn't commit them slavery... I wouldn't deny the same legal taxation or medical privileges that I and (my future) wife will bear. You can't do one without the other, so I'll give them both.

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