Should Codebooks Be Allowed

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Should Codebooks Be Allowed

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. RobertShaffer

    RobertShaffer Registered User

    If you are having to learn work in many different jurisdictions, a code book is about the only way to help. F&AM's are not the same as AF&FM's, and every grand lodge is different in their work, depending on which grand lodge originally chartered the grand lodge.

    Robert D. Shaffer P.M.
  2. jbolt

    jbolt Registered User

    Is it good for Masonary? Is question I have to ask myself...If it is a crutch and replaces knowing the work--no it is not good for Masonary. If it is used by a brother who wants to become more active and teach or work in degrees more--yes it is good for Masonary (provided the aid is never shown to a candidate of brought to lodge or incouraged over our auditory method of teaching)

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