So they ever come back?

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  1. Bro_Vick

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    A question for the brethren here, have you had candidates allow their time to expire in any of the degrees, then come back and reapply?

    Another thread made me think of this question, and during my short time I haven't witnessed a man coming back after his allotted time has expired to complete the work.

    Is it his ego, the process, or a combination? We had a man that deployed, came back but refused to come back to lodge to start again.

    So has any of the candidates that have ever dropped out of the work, ever reapply at your lodge?

    -Bro Vick
  2. Traveling Man

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  3. Tx4ever

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    Me ...Turned in my EA {Yes I Know}and repetitioned 3 years later.
  4. chrmc

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    We've had 2-3 in our lodge that I'm aware of.
  5. jwhoff

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    Surprisingly, two! Both from other lodges and both in the past three to five months.

    However, I think that is a "outlier" on the chart. Can't think of another incident at this time.

    Tough ... but true.
  6. BroBill

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    We've had a couple at our lodge- two I think in the last couple years. One of them was due to military service, I think the other was due to illness.
  7. polmjonz

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    I recently saw a fellow pass after 10 years, work and moves had kept him away. He had finally settled down and was able to meet somebody that was a member of a lodge very close to his house. Very nice to see.
    My lodge also has a person who was displaced by Katrina and may be looking to come back.
  8. Bill Lins

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    We've had a few- one from over 20 years before.
  9. Benton

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    We had one EA recently come back after three years who is now our newest MM and incoming SD. It does happen, just not as often as we all would like.

    When people disappear, we give them calls now and again, but only to a point. If they don't want to be there, I don't see any point in twisting there arm to show up. Then no one would be happy.
  10. Timothy Fleischer

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    Brother Vick,
    I just sat in on an EA proficiency of a man who was initiated 22 years ago....
    There are a ton of reasons why the time expires.... or maybe excuses.
    Regardless, when they do come back, we should make them feel welcome, I think.
  11. Pscyclepath

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    We recently passed a fellow who had taken 28 years between his EA and coming back to work on his FC. Arkansas has no time limit as to how long you wait between degrees, but you have to pass the proficiency lecture. (Likewise for master's proficiency, there's no set time unless you aspire to become a master or warden, or need to obtain an officer's proficiency card.)

    A neighboring lodge recently beat that record with an elderly gentleman who took 44 years since his EA... Both guys picked it back up because it was on their bucket list; they wanted to become a MM sometime before they had to show their dues card at that spiritual lodge.
  12. Blake Bowden

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    Our Lodge keeps extending the allotted time to turn in the work for our EA's. Meh.
  13. Spring TX MM

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    This is a good topic. I've personally witnessed several come back. When I was JS of my lodge, the WM had me call every Brother who hadn't turned in or finished their work. I called them every other month and kept notes so I wouldn't have to repeat the same questions. I asked them what brought them to the fraternity and what changes took place that made them unable to finish at least the esoteric or memory work. I asked them what changes they would like to see, if any that would encourage their return. I did this for about 2 years.

    One of the most common answers I got was that they had significant life changes such as work or family and weren't able to complete their memory work in the allotted time. This answer was most commonly followed with the fact that they didn't think they were still Masons after having gone over the allotted turn in time. One came back after having been an EA for 11 years and is still somewhat active. A couple more came back to finish their work and I'm proud to say that another came back after 6 years just a few weeks ago.

    My observance is that one of the main problems other than the Brother's life circumstances is a lack of Masonic Education(Something we have control over). Last time I checked, in TX, if an EA or FC doesn't complete their proficiency in time, they are still allowed to attend lodge and study the Work. Once they've turned in, even after allotted time, they merely have to do a petition for advancement. If a MM goes over the time, a certified letter is to be sent from the Lodge giving him 90 days from the date of the letter to turn in their work or they will be automatically suspended until the completion of their proficiency whereupon they will automatically be in good standing again and nothing further is needed in that regard.

    Spend time educating your candidates. Stay in contact with them and make them feel a part of the Lodge. Serving on committees is one good way to keep them involved. Have lodge activities the brethren are actually interested in. Family days and date nights are 2 of my favorites. Don't just teach them to "parrot" the work as I call it. Actually teach them the meaning of the things they are learning. A simple form of this can be done just by using the definitions in the back of The Monitor. Hopefully you will take it further but that can be a start. I'm happy to share any of the things that have worked for my lodge, just ask. Hope this is helpful.

    Spring Lodge #1174
  14. JMGibson

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    Enlightening and encouraging. Thank you, Brother.

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