The Lost Symbol

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    I imagine there must be a thread about the book somewhere here, but I'm on my cell and don't feel like searching.

    Brothers, if you have not read this book let me encourage you to do so. I have a sick kid at home and had the opportunity to read it yesterday. Nevermind the fiction he weaves, he puts a bit of philosophy and Masonic tolerance in it for contemplation. "Who can best work and best agree" kept echoing in my mind.
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    I'll have to say that I made it through the book with mixed feelings.

    As I mentioned before, I do tours at the masonic temple in philly, and believe me, Dan Brown comes up a lot.

    As for the book, he treats us very well and paints us in a wonderful light. Some things he does exaggerate a bit like the whole 33˚ thing (which, they're good honorable men, but everyone that comes on tours often thinks that they're much much higher up, when they're only high up to those in the scottish rite and only to the scottish rite).

    I do still have something of an issue with his prose. The villain, who could've been entertaining, became infuriating with his little italicized thoughts throughout the book (I ended up reading them in my head through the voice of Solomon Grundy:

    But, again, he's painting us in a wonderful way and I'm only afraid of seeing how it will translate into film when it's made.
  3. Dave in Waco

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    I think Dan Brown understands Freemasonry, and see us in our true light. Usually, it's factions within the Catholic Church he paints as the bad guys. But, I do believe he is pro-Masonry.
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    I agree with you! I read the book shorty before I was made a mason and thought it was a great book, but not as good as sitting in lodge with fellow brothers. I do have a question I'd like to pose, How would I Respond my moms friend that read the book and thinks all the events described in the book are true and masons are bad.

    Id love a good crafty answer I can use or a serious one!


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