The Mason's Wife

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  1. Blake Bowden

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    From active Masons, resolute,
    Our wives and families we salute;
    We surely know the price you pay,
    Who sit alone while we're away.

    No high degrees on you conferred,
    In Lodge, your name is seldom heard;
    You serve our cause though out of sight,
    While sitting home alone tonight.

    Masonic papers list our names,
    Awards are given, fit to frame;
    But yours is who strive,
    To keep our fortitude alive.

    You're part of every helpful deed,
    On your encouragement we feed;
    Without your blessings, how could we,
    Continue acts of charity?

    And so, this poem, we dedicate,
    To every Master Mason's mate;
    And offer our undying love,
    Rewards await in Heaven above.

    Author Unknown
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  2. owls84

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    That is awesome!!! Man so true. I know of one time where a Brother accepted an award and gave his wife the credit. That is a really good poem.
  3. jonesvilletexas

    jonesvilletexas Premium Member

    I cannot tell you if is true for it was relayed to me as fact by a brother, that in the Prince Hall Lodge if your wife did not approve of you becoming a Mason, then your petition was turned down. Your wife can defiantly affect your attitude in the Lodge.
  4. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    Re: The Masons Wife

    Couldn't that also apply to mainstream Freemasonry?
  5. Huw

    Huw Guest

    Re: The Masons Wife

    Hi Blake.

    It does, here in England. It's one of the things we're meant to ask about when interviewing a new applicant, whether his wife approves.

    If she doesn't, then that doesn't always automatically mean that the applicant must necessarily be turned down, but it'd raise a serious doubt. We'd probably advise him to discuss it with her some more, or invite him to bring his wife to meet us at some social occasion where we could discuss it with her ourselves, and we'd put his application on hold in the meanwhile. If she remained adamantly opposed, then we'd probably refuse to initiate him, because it's not our role to create division within families. Although I suppose, if the guy was so keen to join that our refusal would itself create a bone of contention within his family, then maybe we might be persuaded that it could be the lesser evil to proceed ... but at best it'd be a very difficult situation.

    T & F,

  6. MedMan7

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    Re: The Masons Wife

    Great poem Blake! I am glad you posted it. You gave me a great idea in incorporating it into cards where necessary. I am on the sickness and distress committee and through the phone calls that I have made thus far, it has become evident that sometimes kind words like this hit at just the right times. I think the idea of cards may be something great to incooporate with this committee. Might have to see about getting some printed up for the different needs that may arrise!

    Thanks Brother!
  7. Casey

    Casey Mandalorian Premium Member

    Thank You Blake. I thoroughly agree with the message here.
  8. nick1368

    nick1368 Registered User

    Thank you for posting this. I took it and tweaked it a little for our installation program. As WM this year, I dedicated the year to the Wives and Children of all Nederland Lodge members. I put the poem on the back of the program. (now that I write that I hope I didn't infringe on any copyright laws)

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