Visit to Oriental Lodge #87 A.F.&A.M. in Denver Colorado

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    Hi everyone.

    I just wanted to share some photos of the Oriental Lodge #87 in Downtown Denver Colorado. It is one of the most beautiful lodges I have had the pleasure to attend a meeting at.

    The photos are kind of bad because I took them with my camera phone. The stone work on the outside of the building is awesome. They have several lodge rooms and the main Lodge room is huge with a balcony and a choir box.

    I was able to see three MM proficiencies turned in as well as the floorwork for the EA FC and MM opening and the closing of a MM FC and EA lodge.

    This Lodge opens at the lowest degree for stated meetings depending on who the lowest degree present is. Tonight it was opened on a EA degree.

    Something this lodge also does that I would like to carry home to discuss with brethren in my own lodge is that it requires petitioners (without a Master Mason to vouch for them that have known them for more than a year) to attend 6 months of stated meeting dinners and other social functions that don't require a tiled lodge before they vote on the petition. I think this is a great idea to guard the west gate.

    Here is the link to the photos I took.
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    That is nice, thanks.
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    That was great.. ! its always interesting to see lodges outside the State of Texas.. !
  4. Bro. Kurt P.M.

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    Very nice .... Thanks for sharing

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