Wearing the S&C in Public

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    I only expect to answer any "challenges" or show my dues card if I'm seeking entrance to a Lodge where there is no one to vouch for me. The idea of challenging a man on the street to "defend" his own property blows my mind.
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    That is just crazy, you are free to wear whatever you want. Even if I was not a Mason and I wore masonic regalia I would never let anybody take something that belongs to me. Now that being said, in my jurisdiction we ask that our members don't wear any Masonic emblems to protect themselves from and other Masons from uneducated outside conversations until they are Raised. When I meet people who are wear masonic emblems and they want to speak outside of a lodge setting I always show my dues card and request the same, anybody can learn how to pass by a Tylers question from the internet, to me the dues card is the safest way of being sure. I have traveled a lot through Europe and sat in many lodges and jurisdictions that don't use dues cards and there primary way of introduction is by a known Brother.

    I have posted this topic on http://freemasontalk.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1995 to see what the members there think. This really blows me away.
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    That's what I thought.
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    When people ask me if it's ok to wear Masonic accessories if they aren't a mason here's what I say: in my opinion a man who is not a master mason and wears Masonic accessories is no different than a civilian who wears military suggestive accessories. Veterans should be offended just like masons are offended when non-masons wear Masonic rings and such.
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  5. Gordon Hines

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    I have a Spring / Fall jacket that I wear with the Masonic Emblem embroidered on the front.
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    Yes I do wear my ring , masonic license plate on both vehicles, and the majority of my hats have at least one pin if not more on them. As a mm I'm allowed this privilege. My pocket watches also have a fob on the chain. In TN you must be a mm raised to have this privilege.
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    Wow, this is an old thread! However...

    I have Masonic plates and carry a Masonic keyfob. Used to wear my ring everywhere but have gotten out of the habit, and now confine the ring, pins, etc to lodge functions.

    Occasionally I'll carry a Masonic pen or wear a t-shirt at home. During the winter, I have a light lodge jacket and will wear it anywhere when the temps outside are fitting.

    Largely (at least here in Texas), it's a matter of personal preference. There are no rules or customs I'm aware of after a decade as a Mason that govern the wearing of such items, provided you're a MM. One can wear/display a little, alot, or none at all as they see fit. Personally, I find it gaudy for a brother to wear more than a couple of blatantly visible items outside the lodge, and question if he's trying psychologically to impress someone -- but again, that's just me.
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    Likewise in Kentucky.
    Same here.
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    I wear my ring, have tat on my left arm, and did have personalized Texas Plates on my car 2B1ASK1, but You have to be a MM
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