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Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by preachbarnes, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. preachbarnes

    preachbarnes Registered User

    I have beena Mason a little over a year, and i conceider myself to have some knowledge. My question why is it so difficult for some mason to relize that their fellow brother are tied down with work and it is some times hard to some meetings both at their lodge as well as the grand, and when a distress call is sounded, you hear well the brother dont really know you. I thoght no matter what if the call is sound we are suppose to act as long as it does not hurt us. Please helpme with this
  2. Dave in Waco

    Dave in Waco Premium Member

    I think if I were told "the brother dont really know you" as a reason for not answering a call for distress, my response would be, "he being a distressed worthy brother is all I need to know."
  3. mch4970

    mch4970 Premium Member

    The obligation doesn't even delineate "worthy" for the the G.H.Sign, just for the distressed. Though it might be implied.
  4. Bro Whalon

    Bro Whalon Registered User

    Greetings Bro. I believe some brothers just dont understand that, some of you have jobs and cant always answer a summons to appear at the Grand lodge, for a general assembly meeting. when you are about a 4hr drive away this cuts into a big chunk of your work schedule. LOL Making you really use one of your working tools.
  5. Erock

    Erock Premium Member

    Dave and Bro Whalon nailed it. I would ask those who feel differently to help me understand their reasoning. I would be surprised if a answer could be given that would validate a lack of understanding for fellow bros. resposibilities, or for that matter using "not knowing you" as a excuse.

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