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    A stated meeting can only be held ON the day thats in the by-laws. Any other meeting would be a called meeting. Voting on petitions can not be done at a called meeting, only a stated.

    Trouble makers should be dealt with not danced around.
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    It was voted and passed at GL last year that all GLoTX publications will be made available in electronic format so I bet its just a matter of time now...
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    Amen who is to say what is right for his Brother, all we can do is follow the law and let the chips fall where they may. You usally get to your goal much faster by going with the flow anyhow.

    That being said I think I have an answer to the question. We also are goverened by our Lodge by-laws which specifically state the time and date of the meeting and Gl law says the meeting must take as the by-laws state so if the say 2nd monday you cannot call off till 2nd tuesday or any other day because you have to vote on petition at stated meeting and your meeting has to take place on the day it says in your by-laws open to close so no you have to finish the meeting before the next day which is low twelve or twelve @ night.

    Check the index under stated meeting it says cannot be called off to another day and refers you to art 233

    Art 420 also says you have to annouce the result before meeting is closed so again you gotta do it that night.

    I was also looking because I thought there is a law that says no one can leave the room will voting on petitions is this true I cannot find it I thought I read that somewhere. Please add cite as I want to know where to find it when I quote it.
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    Look in the Monitor under "Balloting"- it states that "tradition" requires that no one enters or leaves the Lodgeroom while balloting is in progress, except when the JD relieves the Tiler.

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