What shall we do with the body?

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    A story that made the rounds a few years ago as "gospel truth" involved a Brother on a hunting trip in the wild of Maine.

    Day after day of his vacation was eaten up without a deer.

    On the last day , as he was about to give up in desperation , he heard a crashing in the woods: saw a glimpse of brown and fired.


    Rushing over to where he fired, he found that he had killed a bull moose, which is protected from hunters to save it from extinction.

    As he stood there staring at the dead moose, a Game Warden stepped out into the clearing.

    Our brother found his hands involuntarily raised in a certain position, "What shall we do with the body?"

    "Dress it out, you damn fool," said the Warden, "and make your escape"
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    i hope he has his passport with him.

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