What units/clubs are you a member?

Discussion in 'Shrine' started by cacarter, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Directors Staff
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    Nice thought. But the current problem for most Shrine bodies is having enough people to keep what they have going.
  3. Michael Hatley

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    I'm Membership Chairman of Arabia Shrine Center here in Houston, Texas so part of a whole bunch of stuff. Patrol (marching), Provost Guard (shotguns), Director's Staff, Golfers....I think I'm forgetting at least one thing.

    The one I pour the most time into is a new club named YABAN, which stands for "You'll Always Be A Noble", which is a club we formed for new and younger Shriners. We brew beer, smoke cigars, and fellowship. Just got off the ground this year, went from a handful of folks to a room full pretty quick. Looking to get seriously involved with the two hospitals in driving distance from us in 2015, and all of YABAN's officers have joined me on the Membership Committee for 2015. Our main aim is to be the banner for younger and young at heart Shriners to rally to. Having a great deal of fun for a fact.
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    My Blue Lodge helps sponsor the Yarmouth Clam Festival and also gives out money to kids heading to college.

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