Whats changed since you became a Mason

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    Have you noticed a change in the way you act towards others,or just in general since you have become a mason?

    Somethings you do are just habit,like saying bless you when someone sneezes,or holding the elevator when you see a person hurrying to get on.But what has "become" a habit since being a mason? Has anyone told you they have noticed something different about the way you are?.. Have you lost weight? Did you get a new haircut? Is that a new shirt? Something that they just cant place their finger on,and yet the difference is obvious.

    Since i have become a mason the first thing i noticed about myself was my attitude towards others.In the past i very much had a "don't talk to me,i wont talk to you'' outlook,and didn't want to be bothered by anyone because i was too busy or just didn't care. But from the first day i walked into the lodge, i was shown nothing but kindness,and friendship.Every person i walked up to stopped what they were doing,got up "if they were seated" shook my hand and told me it was a pleasure to make my acquaintance.Never before have i seen this type of attitude any where,but of course i wasn't looking. Maybe I'm not too busy to say hello,or ask someone how they are doing.Maybe i do care that someone needs help moving,or needs help painting their house. I know that these little things seem like they should just be second nature and I'm sure for some they are. But for me it was definitely something i found when i became a mason that has changed the way i see life and others around me. There is nothing i wouldn't do for any of my brothers if they needed help and i know with out even thinking about it that there is nothing they would not do for me.
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    I pray all the time now for anything and everything. I used to pray when and how I was told then I stopped all together now I will pray to God to help me find a tool in my messy shed or keep a traffic light green along with all the usuall purposes I find my self praying or should I say "asking" all the time.
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    I don't know that I have changed any as far as people being able to see it, but I have noticed a small change in my attitude, or the way I see some things. I enjoy and appreciate the greetings by "old and new" Brothers at my home Lodge, and others I go to. This makes me feel good, and I in turn notice I try to be the same way to others visiting etc. My Instructor <patting myself on back> told me many had said I had always been a Mason, I just needed to get in a Lodge. I was raised to treat others with respect, to give when others needed it, or when I had plenty. It was just a way of life for me. When I became a Peace Officer, my Uncle Ralph who was an Old Law Man told me to always treat others as I would want to be treated in the same situation. That alone earned me a lot of respect anong the crooks I had to deal with. It also earned me respect among my peers. I just know that I look forward to each day, and hope there is some way I can help someone else, whether it be a Brother, or someone else in need. I do find myself actually enjoying being in church more so now, as I can relate a lot of the Bible amd Masonry. I was raised a little over a year ago, and I am still excited about being a Master Mason!
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    1. I hold my tongue a lot more than I used to, for better or for worse.

    2. I now have somewhere to go Monday and Thursday nights.

    3. I have awesome friends who don't get me in trouble.

    4. With all this drama, I have no reason to watch soaps.:p
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    how bout just a little trouble?
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    It's not something I think about too much.
    I guess when I "asked", I was greeted very quickly and I'd have to say, that whatever good qualities I have/had, stood me in good standing when the ballot was cast. The people I knew when I was being Initiated amazed me.
    Evidently, being from a small town, people get to know you through one thing or another and I play a 'little" sport, which, when I do well, it gets mentioned on our sports radio on a Saturday morning so having been mentioned "once or twice" my name probably rang a bell with a few when the ballot was cast.
    Man.........I would NEVER live in a big city again.
    I've always said on departing from friends......'be good", so I figure my heart has always been in the right place and basically, I care about the welfare of others.

    What has changed since I became a Freemason?
    I probably am more tolerant of people, especially nut drivers.

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