What's your zodiac sign?

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    When you say that you're a Capricorn, you're just saying that your Sun is in the sign of Capricorn. Your Sun sign may not be the dominant feature in your birth chart though. In order to analyse that, it's necessary to consider not only your date of birth, but your place and time of birth as well.

    Not a mason (yet). I'm a Leo with ascendant in Cancer, Water Tiger, consistent INTJ.

    PS I'm not a firm believer in astrology (although I have a few spooky anecdotes – which of course don't prove anything), but I like the symbology of planets, signs, houses, and the history of astrology.
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    Lol, yes. Im a Capricorn with Leo as my rising sign but most people don't delve that deeply into the question, "What is your zodiac sign?"
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    Oh my! Your wife must be a tremendously patient lady! **Just kidding**
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    Sun is in 15 Degrees Libra
    Rising Sign is in 10 Degrees Virgo
    Moon is in 23 Degrees Leo
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    Quite some time ago I made a research on classical musicians who performed orchestral or chamber music.

    I initially thought that the typically artistic signs and planets would be dominant in their charts, for instance Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Moon, Venus, etc.

    However I got a surprise. Mars, Sun and Aries were always dominant. I took it as an indication that to perform in front of an audience you must have some of their characteristics.

    One could superficially expect the secretive planets and signs to be dominant for freemasons, like Scorpio and Pluto for instance.

    But I suspect that the planets and signs that are connected to philosophy and spirituality are more likely to be dominant, like Sagittarius, Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune for example.

    I wonder whether there might be some surprises, like in my previous study.

    One difficulty is that freemasonry is not the same thing for all masons. For some the social aspect is prevalent, for some the charity work, for some the spiritual discovery, for some the esoteric research, etc.
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