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Why I demited out of York Rite

Willaim Perkins

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Most people in Texas may not be aware of this, and I cannot remember the date but it seems like in 2006 we adopted the Cap and Mantle as an official uniform of the Grand Commandery of Texas, and you can wear it as your uniform. There are other rules that apply if you are an officer of the Commandery, and there is a certain way you must wear it, just basic rules.

Also, at the 2013 session we changed the Texas Opening and cut out most of the marching. The opening now takes about 20 minutes if not less. It is about as long as the Blue Lodge opening if done correctly.

I only post this because the opening length and the uniform have been common talking points for many years. In Masonry as in politics, sometimes the problems get fixed but the talking points remain. It is time to update these talking points in Texas.
In IL we are beginning to use a 10 man opening. It keeps the formality without the time consumption.


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I like these uniforms...
Those are worn by the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, whose bodies meet only a few times a year, have little ritual, and spend time doing good for the community.

Bah, who would want to do that? ;)


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We are very fortunate. My Blue Lodge, Chapter, and Council all had positive gains in membership this year, small gains, but positive for the first time in decades probably. Our Commandery broke even.
Here my Chapter, Council and home Commandery are going strong.


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I love YR in general and RA & RSM specifically. I'm bot yet a KT. The Youth Rite is an impressive and compellingly (if that's a word) beautiful rite to say the least. I'm excited and thankful to have membership in a vibrant and progressive Grand Chapter (RA) and Grand Council (RSM).

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