Your GL's position on reading Ritual versus reciting Ritual by memory

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Reading Ritual versus Reciting Ritual by memory ?

  1. My Grand Lodge's approach is to allow the Ritual to be read in its subordinate lodges

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  2. My Grand Lodge's approach is to require that the Ritual be recited by memory in its Lodges

  3. My Grand Lodge leaves the decision to read or recite by memory to its lodges to decide

  1. Bloke

    Bloke Premium Member

    Does your Grand Lodge have a position on if the ceremonial can be read or must be recited - or is it left to individual lodges to decide ?
    Use the comments section to elaborate..
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  2. Scoops

    Scoops Registered User

    Nothing should be read here, barring the chaplain's prayers. The IPM and secretary may have a ritual book open to assist prompting the master and everyone else respectively.

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  3. TheThumbPuppy

    TheThumbPuppy Registered User

    I believe that reading is not an option in my Lodge (under the Supervision of GLoS).

    In fact during each of my initial interviews and when I first met some of my brethren I was asked if I could recite verses in old-fashioned English with archaic expressions by heart. It seemed to be a pretty strong requirement.

    I assume that it's the same rule across the GLoS, but I wouldn't know for sure.
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  4. Agent orange

    Agent orange Registered User

    GL of S - Requires all degree work and ceremonial work to be recited, not read.

    Bill McMurdo.
    United Kingdom.

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