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Cosmic Ashlar Command

Cosmic Ashlar Command

The Journey of The Cosmic Ashlar is encoded in the Volumes of the Sacred Law. The Prophet Mohammed travels in a great triangle between Medina, Mecca, and Jerusalem. His Blackstone, "Al Hajar Al Aswad" in Arabic, has been passed down through a lineage of Prophets from the first Prophet, Adam. It is a white cosmic comet, a stone from deep outer space, that absorbed the sin of the world, and was placed intact into the Kaaba, in Mecca. Solomon knew and openly taught of, this cosmic stone, and, its power. Masons inwardly seek to restore the Temple of Solomon, through degree work. And to find the light of the Cosmic Ashlar within. There is a Spiritual presence and Cosmic Law that Freemasonry alone teaches. Any Master Mason in good standing will get the general picture. I affirm that my inward light has only grown through my appreciation of Masonic teachings.

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