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  1. Bro Darren

    What is Philosophy?

    I love the saying "Pity is the man with just one book" Some people appose the concept of philosophy without understanding what the word even means. These people are hard headed, closed minded and short sighted. A church that I once attended preached against it even though Christianity is a...
  2. Bro Darren


    It does not cost that much to become and remain a Freemason. Each state is different but not that expensive at all.
  3. Bro Darren

    What to wear to the initiation?

    In Australia, candidates wear a suit with a tie mostly. Just give your Lodge secretary or proposer a call and they will be more than happy answer any questions that the can.
  4. Bro Darren

    Lodge Website is a website that I am working on for my Lodge.
  5. Bro Darren

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    The signs are a suppose to be proof of your degree, not to say hi. How careless is one to show it in public.
  6. Bro Darren

    Traveling for the first time in Victoria Australia

    Tonight I'm traveling for the first time as a Master Mason to a local Lodge. I'm excited as they will be conducting a 3rd degree and it will be awesome to witness the work from the side so soon after my raising earlier this week.
  7. Bro Darren

    Tonight's the Night

    Our lodge meets 11 times a year for stated meetings and for social events also. WOW, Last nights 3rd Degree ritual was truly amazing to say the least. Such an intimate degree, and one that reinforces the importance of our integrity to the solemn promises made throughout all 3 degrees.
  8. Bro Darren

    Lodge Officer Duties - Senior Deacon

    In Australia our JD and SD have the dove with fig leaf as their jewels of office. Our Assistant Director of Ceremonies welcomes and introduces Past Masters and Worshipful Masters to the Worshipful Master.
  9. Bro Darren

    Masonic Years This site may answer your question
  10. Bro Darren

    Tonight's the Night

    I know it's been some time since I posted or commented but I thought I'd share with you that Tonight I will be raised to the 3rd Degree. It's been a fast 12 months and I can't believe that tonight is the night. For those that do not know, in Australia we have to be a Mason for 12 months before...
  11. Bro Darren

    G'day From Victoria, Australia

    Welcome brother, it's nice to see another local VIC brother. I myself was initiated a few days after yourself. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  12. Bro Darren

    World's Fastest: 270.49 mph

    Damn, and I thought that the Bugatti Varon was quick! Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  13. Bro Darren


    These are given to all Raised MM's in Australia.
  14. Bro Darren

    F.C º tonight

    Enjoy your passing brother and I pray that you get lots from it. Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  15. Bro Darren

    Ritual and Monitor in the App Store

    Just because stuff is on the net does not open the door for people to breach their obligations. Those that do are NOT brothers of integrity or honour and not only would I not give these guys a cent from my wallet I would not give them a moment of my time. Our obligations and abiding by them...