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    What does the "Checkered Pavement" Symbolize?

    Life and Death Good and Evil Freemason Connect Mobile
  2. timd24

    Wings up vs. wings down

    According to the NMJ Constitution (2009) In the description of 33° Active and Active Emeritus caps (art. 1219.1) and lapel buttons (art. 1216), the double-headed eagle is described as "a double-headed eagle, wings extended and pointing up." For the cap (art. 1219.2) and label button (art. 1217)...
  3. timd24

    Greetings Gentlemen

    A "less than steller" credit score is hardly a reason to deny admittance. It is more about character and how you carry yourself, and what is in your heart. You seem to be on the right track be talking to the brothers and putting yourself out there. Masonry takes all walks of life, therefore all...
  4. timd24

    Cigar smokers

    If you like flavored, any of the Acid cigars are good.The Kuba Kuba is exceptional in my opinion Freemason Connect Mobile
  5. timd24

    MOT Fantasy Football

    Freemason Connect Mobile Looking for 4 more manages for this year's League. PM me for the info if interested
  6. timd24

    WM in Illinois

    Prayers sent
  7. timd24

    Go Ahead and Crown Me!!!

  8. timd24

    2012 MoT Fantasy Baseball Info

    Any update on the league? Looks like we still need one more.
  9. timd24

    Prayer request

  10. timd24

    Fantasy Baseball Time Again!!!

    Maybe I'll do better at baseball...I'm in!
  11. timd24

    What Books Would You Recomend

    The Newly Made Mason by H.L.Haywood The Freemasons:A History of the World's Most Powerful Secret Society by Jasper Ridley Born in Blood, A Pilgrims Path and Dungeon,Fire and Sword, all by John J Robinson. I also liked A Treasury of Masonic Thought, by Carl Glick, found it on Ebay for around...
  12. timd24

    Another Week Has Gone By

  13. timd24

    Getting raised in 3 weeks

    Going to be Raised on November 28.Wanted to thank you all for the support and information this site provides( even though I am bringing up the rear in the Football League!!!). It has been an amazing journey already and I havent even scratced the surface!!!
  14. timd24

    Blake's WoW thread.

    I just put my subscription on hold last week and now today I stumble on this thread! I agree with some...once I hit 85 it became boring. I'm not into pvp at all so I am waiting until the next expansion. Meanwhile I just started playing Rift, which is very similar to wow but I think has better...
  15. timd24

    When can I call myself a Mason?

    I was first made a Mason in my heart....therefore I considered myself to be one even before I was initiated. However i dont run around proclaiming to be one,to brothers or others