Do you openly tell people you are a mason?

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  1. Matt Ross

    Matt Ross Registered User

    I never hide it! The same picture I use here is the same as my Facebook profile picture where I proudly display my ring. I've had people ask me weird questions about the fraternity and I try to answer them as truthfully as possible (of which I get a bit more leeway with it than some jurisdictions being the only secrets here in Michigan are the Modes of Recognition).

    If they want to know more, and I think it's appropriate, I tell them they should petition themselves to find out! If they want to criticize my answers, I simply relay a quote that I heard from a 33 Degree, "If we can't even decide whether to have ham or turkey sandwiches after the meeting, what makes you think we can all decide on how to take over the world?"

    Cheers Brother. Stay strong. Search for light!
  2. Bloke

    Bloke Premium Member

    When I first joined Freemasonry, I was cautious and really quiet about it. I was in a share house with two other guys, very good friends, never told them. Did not tell my family. I was waiting for the "bad discovery" about Freemasonry, a Cult, A Group of Conservative White Guys, Closed Minded Conservatives, Racists, a Cabal of some sort etc etc - never found it and realized I had joined a group of merit. I started to tell a select group of people, but also was always truthful when asked if I was a member.

    It was really the first time I became Master that I really started to be very open about my membership - because I realized I had the job of speaking for, and promoting my Lodge. Importantly, I had also developed the skills and knowledge to speak confidently about Freemasonry.

    I will wear a S&Q whenever I had a suit on - even when representing Companies I am involved in. I still hit the odd conspiracy nut, and I always remember in the extreme cases of these - you cannot argue with a crazy person..

    You don't have to be an evangelist for Freemasonry just because you are a member - but just remember, if Freemasonry is good for you, unless you share it, you might deprive a chance for it to be good for someone else. Worse, unless we recruit - it might disappear, or certainly shrink smaller than it has.

    Freemasonry is very important to me, and has helped not just me, but those around me, including the cowans, ladies and children in my life. It would be great if I could share that with others.

    So yes, I am now very open about my membership
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  3. hanzosbm

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    I don't personally advertise it and in general, will avoid bringing it up. If someone asks why I'm dressed up in the evening, I'll say something to the effect of "I have a meeting to go to". If they ask what kind, I'll tell them, but I personally don't see any upside to letting others know, and as you've discovered, there can definitely be a downside.
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  4. Warrior1256

    Warrior1256 Site Benefactor

    I wear my Square & Compasses ring and Knights Templar ring at all times. I have not yet been confronted by a conspiracy theorist yet but if I am I will calmly explain to them the real story. If they refuse to believe the mundane truth that is their problem.
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  5. rpbrown

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    I wear a ring, have a Square and Compass on my wife's car and my truck and various masonic items in my office. If someone doesn't know I am a Mason, they aren't very observant. In all of the years I've been in business, I've never had anyone refuse to do business with me (that I know of) because I am a Mason.
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  6. CLewey44

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    I say quit being such a Capricorn (one myself) and overthinking it. I'd honestly not bother pursuing further. No clue about this person at all but you said they are high functioning, smart but clearly have a distorted view on reality. I'd venture to guess schizotypal personality disorder. Total guess but I would beware.
  7. acjohnson53

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    I'm always wearing my Light, no matter where I am....Very proud of who I am.
  8. CLewey44

    CLewey44 Registered User

    I think there is a conundrum. If we hide it some good guys may never really hear about it or think ablut it. Then again, if we over advertise Freemasonry, it cheapens it and loses its mystery/intrigue.
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  9. Elexir

    Elexir Registered User

    Actully its not that simple. I know atleast one active mason that hides his membership as it could affect his personal life if he where known to be a freemason. There is also a lot of deranged people who actully hates freemasons and freemasonry.
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  10. CLewey44

    CLewey44 Registered User

    That is probably very true in Europe Asia and Africa but in North America it's usually not an issue.
  11. Winter

    Winter Premium Member

    Unless you have to interact with some die-hard religious types who believe everything they read in those Jack Chik pamphlets! I love those things. I always get a kick out of them.

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  12. coachn

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    BINGO! I taught at a school that was owned and run by Christian conspiracy zealots. I had to warn a fellow Brother about wearing his ring and talking about Masonry on campus. Not a good thing for them to know.
  13. Tpower31

    Tpower31 Premium Member

    I always wear my Ring and I have a chain with a Masonic dog tag on it similar to a military dog tag with the square and compasses on it and I am often asked about it and very proudly say I am a member and if anyone asks I tel them what I can without going into too much detail. I am very proud to be a Freemason and a Companion of chapter as well

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  14. KSigMason

    KSigMason Traveling Templar Site Benefactor

    I am very open about my Masonic membership.

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