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  1. Keith C

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    Honestly I have not seen it, but i have heard of this happening. There have been occasions where we have not had all chairs filled for an Extra Meeting, but "ALL chairs" here is 12 and we only require 6 to actually work. Last year as JW I only had one meeting with only 11 Brothers, the rest had all chairs filled and at least 5 on the sidelines.
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    I've been to a lot of practices that didn't have the 7 Brother quorum to open an emergent Entered Apprentice lodge. Most practice I've been to have had enough Brothers, but the word "most" only means "more than half". The practices are the meetings where only the most devoted Brothers attend.

    If there's a called meeting with a couple of weeks notice there will be a quorum. But that typically happens the night of your scheduled degree.

    If your lodge meets weekly and you keep going it is very likely there will be a quorum at any one practice meeting.
  3. Keith C

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    This is interesting to me.

    In PA we can't open a Lodge without "Due and Timely Notice" being given in advance.

    Now, our proficiency is done differently, it is gone over with the Lodge Education Officer one on one at a Masonic Education night held once a month, so no Lodge needs to be opened to pass proficiency to advance to the next degree. But we can't open a Lodge for any reason without informing the Brethren and in that case it would be what we call a "Special" meeting for a single emergency purpose.
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    We meet once a month, but yes, I have seen it. I've had to cancel a degree because illness removed some key officers and charges.

    Sorry this happened to you Brother.
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    I'm really trying to understand this. So, I understand this wasn't a stated meeting but a 'special' meeting. In order for him to give his categorical lecture, they'd have to open on the EA degree, right? And in order to do that, whether stated or special, you'd still require 7 to open. Am I misunderstanding something?

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