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  1. Glen Cook

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    I suspect he can’t sign the petition, but I’m unaware of the “sins of the father being visited” on the son in any jurisdiction.

    I also urge the father also submit a petition for reaffiliation (or such term as the jurisdiction may use).
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  2. Number4

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    That's pretty much what I assumed, unless someone with more knowledge of the GL of VA machinations than I can confirm. I have known the young man in question since he started High School and he is a fine upstanding individual who would be a great asset to the lodge. While it was before my time, Dad is not a good money manager to put it mildly and apparently ran up a couple of years missed dues before being suspended: he wants to come back but is on disability and faces a $400 for restitution before he can petition for reinstatement.
  3. Warrior1256

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    Not in the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.
  4. Bloke

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    No, here it would not affect it, even if the Father was expelled.

    But as Bro Glen says, this means he cannot sign as a Proposer or Seconder (but could be a referee) - that would be the case here.
  5. Keith C

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    Here in PA it would not affect the ability of the son to be made a Mason, we do not factor in the Father's actions as far as eligibility is concerned. It might influence the voting, if some members took issue with the Father when he was in the Lodge, but since voting is secret there would be no way to know this for sure. One thing it would affect is the eligibility for a Lewis jewel. To b eligible for a Lewis jewel the Father would have to be either in good standing or have passed away while he was in good standing.
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