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    What is the Shrine?

    The Shrine is not an appendant body of Masonry, though the
    distinction would escape many. The Shrine confers no additional
    degrees. It was founded in 1872 (the Mecca Temple in New York City)
    and an Arabic theme was chosen. Hence, the distinctive red fez that
    Shriners wear at official functions.

    Members of the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles the Mystic Shrine
    for North America (AAONMS is an anagram for "A MASON") are required to
    be Master Masons in good standing with their lodge. The Shrine is most
    noted for its emphasis on philanthropy and its jolly outlook on life
    -- it has been called "the playground of Masonry". This is expressed
    as "pleasure without intemperance, hospitality without rudeness, and
    jollity without coarseness."

    The Royal Order of Jesters is a group drawn from Shrine membership, by
    invitation only.
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    Re: What the Freemasonic Shriners really believe

    “The original Templars' rite of the Fifth degree symbolically guided
    the candidate through the Devil's Pass in the mountains separating the
    East from the West (the Yezidi domain). At the fork of the trail the
    candidate would make an important decision: either to retain his
    present identity, or strike out on the Left-Hand Path to Shambhala,
    where he might dwell in Satan's household, having rejected the foibles
    and hypocrisies of the everyday world.
    A striking parallel to this rite is enacted within the mosques of the
    Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, an order
    reserved for thirty-second degree Masons. The Nobles have gracefully
    removed themselves from any implication of heresy by referring to the
    place beyond the Devil's Pass as the domain where they might "worship
    at the shrine of Islam."
    Once the celebrant has taken this degree, he embarks upon the Left
    Hand Path and chooses Hell in place of Heaven.â€
  3. Re: What the Freemasonic Shriners really believe

    On Sep 8, 9:48 am, Darth Simian
    <great_sage_equal_of_heav...@hotmail.com> wrote:
    > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIMZZsB8Wrg

    Oh yeah. There's an authoritative argument against the facts.

    > “The

    Quotes without attribution are worthless. Quotes out of context only
    may you the fool.

    Good job confirming your ignorance.
  4. Chuckfw

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    Re: What the Freemasonic Shriners really believe

    It is really hard to reply to something so dumb..... 'nuff said.
  5. tomgndallas

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    Re: What the Freemasonic Shriners really believe

    Honestly this stuff cracks me up...the fact that these kind of folks spend so much time and energy to create such a non convincing arguments is a riot. Critical thinking at its best.
  6. Beathard

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    If you say anything against the argument, they will come back with you are not high enough degree in masonry. So someone that is not and has never been a mason knows more than someone that has not reached a high enough degree. And you notice the never tell you what that degree is... Because they do not know what you are or how high it goes. I love listening to madmen and fools, glad I don't have to sit in lodge with them.
  7. lostlogic01

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    Bravo that's all I can say.
  8. MikeMay

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    I love the reaction I get when I ask them how could they know the secrets of the Lodge if they have never been initiated...the response is usually..."well,..I..umm..read it on the internet..." My next question is always..."SO you believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet?" Then I just smile and walk away...

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