Happy Diwali

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    Wishing all brethren a very Happy Diwali filled with blessings and happiness for you and your loved ones.

    What is Diwali?
    DIWALI is an annual festival of lights that symbolises the victory of light over darkness and good over evil. Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in Hinduism and lasts for five days.

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    Never heard of Diwali, but thank you for the blessings, Brother.
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    Interesting Diwali story.

    Our new next door neighbors are Hindu.

    Our neighborhood goes a bit overboard with decoration for holidays. As an example I have Orange lights around my porch, a huge spider web with a light up spider across the columns on my porch, gravestones in my yard, a few with hands seeming to come up out of the ground, a skeleton sitting on one of the rocking chairs on my porch...You get the picture. Most of the neighbors have something similar.

    The other day our next door neighbors (the Hindu family) put up a bunch of white lights on their porch.

    Now, I will say, the area where I live is not the most diverse. I would not be surprised if no one else on my street ever had a discussion regarding the faith and cultural traditions of anyone who wasn't an Anglo-Saxon Caucasian. So I was out walking out dogs when a neighbor from across the street stopped me and was very concerned. She ask me if I though the Hindu neighbors were "confused" and saw all the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood and put up their "Christmas Lights" early. She said she was going to go over and "gently" explain to them that it wasn't time for Christmas lights yet. So I took the opportunity to explain Diwali to her, and told her the lights were for the celebration of Diwali. I told he she really should go over and talk to them, you may learn some cool stuff and it would be good to better know the neighbors.

    Anyway, I hope all who celebrate have a great Diwali!
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    Thank your for your well wishes and my belated reply - hope your Diwali was good.


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