Islam and Freemasonry

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    @jdmadsenCraterlake211 Thank you very much, and extremely well-put. And a much larger "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE," my brother. I take what you wrote to heart, and will do my best to bend my old brain around a bit. You worded your experiences, and knowledge, very succinctly, and I appreciate that very much.
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    I wholeheartedly understand your stance though. I too am very caustious of middle easterners that I do not know, Especially if they are speaking Arabic or one of its dialects. But I wont be standoffish. I will shake that mans hand and speak to him as a person until he proves me otherwise.
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    Excellent approach, to be aware of one's surroundings at all times. Needless to say, be friendly, be vigilant, and come home safe, whole of mind, body, and spirit, my brother.
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    Well done on this post, i think it's spot on.
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    Having followers of Islam in lodge is nothing new. I don't know when the first one was Raised but Kipling sat in lodge with them well over a century ago. And there are plenty of Christians that feel everyone else are "infidels."
    By the way, have you actually looked up the meaning of "infidel?" It's someone who doesn't follow your religion. That's it. I suggest you stop painting every follower of the Islamic religion with the same brush and start looking at the humanity within each person. It's the Masonic thing to do.
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    I live in Floresville, Tx and see no reason you couldn't just show up at a meeting night. Most of the lodges have a meal before we meet and would be very welcoming to a potential member or some just curious about what it takes to join. Welcome to the forum.
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