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I have s vague recollection of some rule that said the Junior Warden of a lodge was to be supplied with a copy of the Constitution and Laws. However, I can't find any mention of it in the lawbook. Am I hallucinating?


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Went to the Grand Lodge and bought a copy on a thumb drive, then loaded that to my laptop, Kindle, and cell phone... ;-)

The Lodge has a printed version that we use for general reference, but it's been much easier for me to use and to study, the PDF version.


There's a PDF version now? I'll have to get one of those some day for the search function alone.


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I had to reach way back in the dim recesses of my memory for this one, but I believe that the JW is traditionally responsible prosecuting the accused at Masonic trials.

Bill Lins

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Bro. Tom- I'm not sure where in the Law it is found, but if your Secretary requests a lawbook & states that it is for the newly-installed JW, the Grand Secretary will send it without charge.

Brother JC

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I have the CA Masonic code and NM Constitution and By-laws in iBooks on my phone... very handy. Both Monitors, as well.


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Texas has an electronic version too. At least from 2010. Think it usually get's updated every 2-3 years as far as I know.


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I had a 2003 PDF of a Texas version that also contained the GM Notes on Decisions. Very helpful to have the questions and answers on what they were thinking