My favorite reason to stay or become a Mason.

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    Several years ago, one of my daughters met a guy. He was here from Iowa, in Texas, visiting family. He had been laid off and was drawing his unemployment and supposedly looking for work. They dated and seemed to be getting along well. After several months, he decided to move back to Iowa and she went with him. As she was over 18, so all I could do is tell her to be careful and ask her to stay here. Anyway, 6 months later, he still isn't working, she hasn't found anything, and times were getting hard. I had helped what I could. They were starting to have problems and one night he decided she had to leave the next morning. She called me and asked what to do. It was too far for me to get there in a hurry, so I started searching bus schedules, airlines and then I started looking for Masonic Lodges. I found one in the next town over that listed a contact phone number for the secretary. I called him the next morning and explained the situation and was asking him for information about local assistance she could get to help her get home. He and his wife contacted her, set up a meeting, then helped her pack her belongings and took her to the bus station in Cedar Rapids. They also gave her eating money for the trip.

    This Brother went way above and beyond my expectations. I sent them a check to repay them for the expenses, with extra for their use, then sent his Lodge a letter commenting on how great this Brother was at helping a Brother in need. I can never repay him for what he did.

    The fact that he was a Mason made me feel comfortable enough to trust my daughter was in good hands and no more harm would come to her. I was able to entrust one of my most valuable things to his care and I did not regret it. He was the answer to my prayers and then some.
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    That's awesome!

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    That is a amazing story brother. It is such wonderful thing knowing you have brothers all over the world willing to help each other out.

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    Every one of us should keep this wonderful story in mind for when we consider what our obligation means. Thanks for sharing, Brother.
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    Truly awesome.

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    When I was 27, I got a wild hair and moved to Arizona (from Texas) without knowing a soul. I know my parents were concerned for my safety. One of Dad's most repeated words of advice was, "If you ever need help, find the closest lodge. A brother will help you." I always suspected this was true. Your story just proves it.

    I'm so glad your daughter got the assistance she needed!
  8. Joshua71

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    Great story! Thank you for sharing that. The best reason ever to become a mason is that you as man gain fulfilment in the aid and assistance of your fellow man and brethren. We should all aspire to have this kind of quality of character, well done!

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    I was about to go into the military and was out with some associates before my send off. We went to a local burger joint after a bunch of drinking,under age I must add. Long story short I was left because the police came and I was too drunk to leave the place and stumbled into the bathroom. I was kneeling over the toilet when a man came up to me and asked if I was alright. I said no sir. He stretched out his hand and I immediately saw the square and compass on his hand. He asked do I believe the Lord is our savior and I replied yes. He then started to pray with me and got me up bought me some food and we were about to leave when the police asked if there was a problem. Both he and his wife were both dressed to the hilt and said no worries they had the situation in control.I don't know what else he said to the officer because he leaned into him and was whispering. We left he dropped me off and in return saved me from not being allowed in the military due to a criminal record I should of caught that night. Been sober for now well over 20yrs. and helping whoever and whenever I can. Now I'm a grown man and since I came into Masonry I have set out to correct all my past wrongs the best I can . So I will be found blameless and not distort the image of my fellow brethren. My family can even attest to the changes I have made. Hope,charity and faith. God bless that brother whoever he is. Changed the whole course of my life other than the belief in Deity and family.

    Demitrius N.Daniels
    Colorado Springs,CO
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    This is a great life story. Things like this simply reinforce the good feelings I have about joining the Brotherhood.
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    Great story
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    Indeed a Great Story. We should all try to be that well dressed man to others...

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