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    Hello brethren

    i haven't been posting here a lot latelly.I taught I would post somethignt hat is kind of up to date of how my journey has gone so far.

    Some of you might remember that my journey started with bit of difficulties as I didn't knew that i knew some freemasons. It took me couple of years to get hold of some Finnish brethren and finally brethren from my city. Freemasonry is not that open in Finland as it is in many other countrys.
    After I was initiated it was really fun to be part of the lodge and I felt warmly wellcomed to the brotherhood.
    I joined Mark Master Masons pretty fast after my third degree and I am now petitioning to Royal Arch. I joined Widows Sons Masonic riders association two years ago. Wolr dwide Widows Sons brotherhood played key role that I was ever introduced to freemasons in Finland.
    I have served as an officer since I was raised to third degree. I am currently sr. Master of ceremonies (position that usually is not found in US) and will be senior deacon next. In MMM I'm appointed as crawler (not sure if this is the name of the position in english)
    I was also appointed to communications committee of Grand lodge of Finland last week. For this I am very excited. TO be such a your brother and I was asked to join this committee by grandmasters councill.
    I just hope this covid thing goes by and we can meet normally again.

    So how have you all been latelly?
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    Me good !
    Hope you are too.

    How many Freemasons were there in Finland ?
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    I have been good too. Studying a lot because I decided to do something radical and I started at the university last september at the tender age of 41. :D
    In Finland pre Covid we had around 8000 masons (F&AM) There is also couple of lodges under Swedis rite (we have mutual regognition) that has I think around 100 members. I'm pretty sure we have less mason by the end of the year that we had at the end of 2019. Witch is sad. The trend has been slowly growing every year before Covid happened.

    There is also Ledroit humaine and Swedish Female masons in Finland but I heard they are strugling alot to keep the numbers they have. LDH has only around ten lodges left and Female masonry has never been very big.
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    Good to hear from you again Brother. Best wishes in your endeavors.

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