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Discussion in 'Becoming a Freemason' started by Visiphon, Jul 1, 2018.

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    Bro Mike Martin:

    Thank you so kindly! I think that this is fast becoming an academic exercise since Visiphon, by his own admission, is not old enough to join the lodge.

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    It seems that the Bible contradicts itself in this as in other areas.
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    If you need to know the exact wording to make such a choice, you are asking us to reveal one of the details that are close to our secrets. Even though the words of many jurisdictions have escaped into the wild we have promised to not reveal them. In the end that means we generally aren't going to be able to help you on this specific topic even though it is possible to ruin the degree experience by searching out the wording on your own. I definitely advise against ruining the degree experience by searching out the wording on your own, notwithstanding that you could still end up reading the wrong exact wording.

    You could ask Dad but it's likely he'll have the same issue.

    Fussing about oaths is something you need to take up between you are the divine, between you and your sacred writing, maybe even between you and your clergy if you decide to give some person that sort of authority in your life. Asking here is absolutely the wrong place.

    We take on obligations. The rest is semantics. If you need to fuss about the semantics, please understand that we tend to be those you did not fuss about such a topic either when we took our degrees, when we enlisted or when we got married. Do you want to be among men not interested in this topic?
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    Well said Brother.

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