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    Very good! Charitable works are a large part of what we are about. hats of to these Brothers!
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    I have been telling people, esp Lodge Secs, that COVID-19 is a chance for Freemasonry to shine. Early in COVID, I heard of members dropping groceries to people who could not get them, recently, it's been visits to homes to show the tech challenged how to get on zoom... but Food. When times are tough, food can be hard to come by and this is the case in the story you share. We have the same issue here, and some of our Brethren have been out helping feed the wider community. The Lodge has committed some funds to it, and we are chasing more...

    It begs the question, have some lodges just gone into hibernation or have some got moving on this sort of thing.. surely hibernation is not what is needed , its hyper activity during COVID!

    And that article is also saying something else to me, and its not "let's promote Freemasonry and get goodwill and members" its "let's show our Brothers than we can be helping others during this crisis". Again, a chance for us to shine, not just to others, but to each other.
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