The Grand Lodge Of Arkansas Continues Its Masonic Purge

Discussion in 'Shrine' started by Squire Bentley, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Boone

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    As a Mason in and from Arkansas I have to agree. It may be the only thong that wakes brothers up. I, and a few brothers, have tried to see if change can be brought from the inside but sadly it appears it cannot. I cannot follow such unmasonic behavior as the GLoA has repeatedly engaged in.

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  2. bupton52

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    Forgive me if this derails the thread for a second, but if yanking recognition gives the GLoAR a wake up call why not yank recognition from the states that haven't recognized the PH GLs in their area where racism and bigotry live?

    Bro. Byron Upton
  3. dhouseholder

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    Because there might be some jurisdictions that haven't recognized the PH GLs in their area for reasons other than racism.

    Also, if you derecognize an entire region of the nation, it leads to sectionalism, which wouldn't solve the problem. If state GLs gang up on ONE GL, then it has more of an effect.
  4. dfreybur

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    When PHA recognition first happened in CT at least one southern GL pulled recognition over it. Pretty much the only thing that happened is folks laughed at the pulling jurisdiction and eventually recognition was back in place. So I could answer your question that it's been tried and it didn't work.

    On the other hand pulling recognition is nearly the only option jurisdictions have with each other. Should it come up for vote when I'm in attendance I would almost certainly vote to pull recognition over the topic. Were I to learn such a vote is coming I'd check with my wife to see if we can pull off the travel and with my lodge to see if I could have a vote - Illinois only gives votes to PMs if they are there as proxy for an elected officer. California meetings in San Francisco and my wife likes the touristy stuff in that city.

    To me the question is when will be the time that I become willing to participate in the paperwork of such legislation. For the moment I have more interest in cleaning up nonsense like California not allowing dual affiliation, Texas not allowing visitation, most states having incomplete recognition lists. If someone else does the paperwork it's time. If I do the paperwork I have more local tasks related to the topic.

    Should recognition be pulled from Arkansas? Now that at least one of their members has asked I favor doing that.

    It seems that Arkansas offered recognition but PHA turned them down. Does anyone know the story behind that? Sounds to me like there was some "poison pill" in the wording of the offered agreement that made it unacceptable. Or just plain they looked at the recent history in Arkansas and wanted no part in such nonsense. Are they waiting for level heads to prevail?
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    Pulling recognition is usually done when there is a jurisdiction dispute or violation, recent examples of this include Ohio and West Virginia (Frank Haas being initiated in Ohio after expulsion from West Virginia), Washington DC and NY (Lodges in Lebanon, and accepting members after expulsion). Using removal recognition of a jurisdiction because you do not agree with how they run things in their jurisdiction is draconian and short sighted. In the end these type of actions and calls are ignored because with Masonic recognition is dropped it doesn't hurt the respective Grand Lodges, it hurts the individual masons in those districts. It is done also as a cooling off period to better understand the situation, and contain said violation. UGLE did it to GLNF, because of the irregularity within the group and continued corrupt practices by its senior leadership, they were warned so many times, it is too much work to recount. They also outlined what was needed for GLNF to retain recognition.

    Using removal or recognition is a nuclear option, that doesn't need to be thrown around at a whim, serious thought and understanding what is going to happen needs to be realized.

    -Bro Vick
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  6. Rauchbier1987

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    My brothers, who can understand the hearts of men. None are perfect though we strive to be so. I am as appalled by all the things I am hearing as any and incidents like this where there is mud slinging and we as a whole allow ourselves to be overcome with emotion are a true stain on that symbol of purity we try to be worthy to wear. I think all of us no matter how high up the metaphorical chain to the newly initiated need to keep in mind our oaths and all we stand for. Brothers, take up your working tools and all they mean to us! pray that the divine architect will aid our leaders and help them do likewise.

    Brother Morris

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