the watching freemasons

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    The Watching Freemasons!
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    These guys are everywhere, the message and information i am giving you is true so listen up and be prepared. The freemasons are a large orginization who cover themselves or hide their true identity as a charitable orginization. The freemasons are a world orginization who want dominence, they are devil worshippers who want the world wo believe in the devil, they want to control people and prepare them for the day of judgement, the last day before the world ends. This day consists of the devil coming down to try and manipulate us. He will come down and come up to some of us and say, 'do you believe in me or god?' and if you say god, he will chop your head off. This is the right way, if you say 'god' then you will gurantee yourself with a one way ticket to heaven.

    Now freemasons are evil worshippers, they want to influence the world undder evil oppression, they are the leaders of such groups as the mafia, ku-klux klan and other big orginizations. America is already inder this evil influence as Bill Clinton is a freemason. He and others such as The Queen of England, Matt Groening-he uses to manipulate us using the Simpsons (believe me), Prince Charles, Madonna and Leonardo Di Caprio-yes!.

    Please listen to me! these guys want to control you, i dont know how to stop them or how to give you advice, bet please be warned, they are watching us!

    Remember the incident when the government in America wanted to introduce a new chip where they would place in the palm of our hand, well this was supposed to be as a identification card which held important information such as date of birth! NO! this was a ploy! this is rubbish! The truth was that this chip was a way of knowing where every single person in the world was and a way of storing data of each and every one of us. Freemasons have a record of every single person in Western Europe, and NOrth America. They are on a verge of conquering Africa and Asia. Remember this, whatever you do, be aware and warned. There are so much i could tell you, but i have to be cautious of what i am writting, you never know i could be being watched right now! My identity is remaining a secret but my code name is Muzzy.


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    Muzzy.......say goodbye to the World.
    We know where you live 'n we's a gonna get ya.

    Of course, as simple retraction of your statement just MIGHT help you avoid the decapitation we have planned for you. Instead, we'll just fry the brain.
    It needs it.:D
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    LOL Ive seen this paranoids rantings before. He is fun to mess with!
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    Dang it, Muzzy! Cain't you keep a secret? ;-)
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    I think somebody has already beaten us to it!

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