Which faiths are represented?

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    I just happened to run across this thread what looking at unread posts. Seeing as it has been recently bumped I will chime in.

    I attend Mass somewhat regularly; however, I am not Catholic. I took the RCIA (Roman Catholic Initiation for Adults) classes a couple of years ago, but that was primarily for something to do. The priest did mention that the Catholic Church recommends against Masonry, but he went into no great detail.

    The only reason that the issue was raised was due to a person (not me) who wanted to join both the Masons and the KOC (Knights Of Columbus) and was under the impression that membership in one would make him ineligible for candidacy in the other and was asking which he should join first in order to be eligible to be in both (I am not sure if the question reflects actual policies, it was just a question raised by another in the class).
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    I dont know much at all about KofC but I do know that if he were a KofC he would NOT be ineligible for Freemasonry membership.
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    The RCC has some issues with freemasonry for a bunch of reasons. The current Pope dont like freemasonry. Basicly a freemason are not allowed to take massa etc.

    The thing is that Kofc are Catholic and with the RCCs current wiews om freemasonry membership in freemasonry would bar a person from joining Kofc.
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    Yes, I knew they were a Catholic organization and many Catholics frowned upon Freemasonry but without being a member of KofC, I dont know how being a Mason would qualify or disqualify them from being in the KofC.
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    The Catholic church frowns officialy on freemasonry. http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/c...19850223_declaration-masonic_articolo_en.html.
    As Kofc is a Catholic order they would go against the church itself.
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    My wife used to be a Roman Catholic. I am not going to debate anyone's religious beliefs, but when we were going to get married we had a big debate about what faith we would both be as well as her 2 girls and any future kids. The issue of her divorce was a non-issue as she was not married in the RC church, therefore wasn't even married in their eyes. Anyway - While discussing things with her and her family I brought up that I was uncomfortable searing that I would comply with beliefs that I do not hold and restrictions that I object to. Their answer was always "Do what you want, just don't tell a Priest." Not my way of thinking and when I pointed out to my now wife that this was hypocrisy, well suffice to say we are not members of the RC church.

    Again Anyway - I know several folks who are both KoC and Freemasons. They said joining KoC they were asked if the were Masons and replied that they were not, as it was before they joined. They never swore to not become one in the future, nor was Freemasonry ever brought up in conversation again. So my suggestion, if someone wants to do both, join KoC first then join Freemasonry. Then don't mention Freemasonry in you KoC meetings or to your KoC friends. No one in a Freemason Lodge will care one bit if you are in KoC.
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    The irony is, I know several Catholic Freemasons.
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    To be perfectly honest, it's not at all unusual for faithful Catholics to just quietly get on with things that don't match up with the official rules.

    In fairness, it's true of other denominations, too. When I worked at the Waco Hilton many years ago, the Baptist convention came to town. They all turned up at the bar, pretended not to see each other, and gleefully whispered to the bartender, as they ordered their drinks, "... and, shhh ... don't tell anyone ... I'm a Baptist."
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    The old joke, "whats the difference between a Catholic priest and a Baptist preacher in a liquor store?"..."the priest will say hello to you..."
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    Spamming multiple posts with unrelated topics will get you reported and banned. If it wasnt intended I apologize. I saw the same post in multiple threads.

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    When I went through RCIA, I told the priest that I was a Freemason and asked if that was a problem. His response was “So, you lay bricks?”. He had no idea what freemasonry even was.
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    I'm a member of the Apostolic Johannite Church which is an esoteric, Gnostic, and Christian church.

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