why did you join the freemasons?

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    As much as I pray for the mental healing of the antis I thank them for their support.

    It is said that you can't know everything about a man by who his friends and enemies are, but you can learn a lot of importance about a man by who his friends and enemies are. You can also learn more about a man from who his enemies are than by who his friends are.

    Masonry couldn't pick better enemies if we spent a year figuring out who we would want to oppose us! Think about who opposes us. Religious fanatics and their dupes. Tyrants and their sycophants. Lunatics, crackpots and the weakest minded people you'll ever meet. Thank you Grand Architect for these enemies! Every time I read a post by an anti I pray for their healing and I pray thanks to the Grand Architect for the post.

    Masonry couldn't pick better friends if we spent a year figuring out who we would want to support us! Think about who supports us. Lists of famous Masons read like catalogs of eminent men in every country in the last 3 centuries. Our friends range from the most respected families on the block to the best to the most respected families on the planet. Every time I meet a man of eminence I wonder if he's a Mason. Very frequently my wife notices what I say to a man and she invites him to join us. Thank you Grand Architect for inclining a group of such men to accept me among them!
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    I was looking for that which was lost
    "TRUTH" ran into a childhood friend of mine that was stilling falling 30 years ago!!!

    Bro Book
    M.W.U.G.L. Of Fl: P.H.A.
    Excelsior # 43
    At pensacola
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    No one in my immediate family was a Mason. I joined because all of the Masons I have known through the years were honest and upright men, the kind of men I admire. That's why I wanted to be a part of this.
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    I was in boy scouts since i was 5 years old. Eventually i worked my way to the top with all honors and became a scoutmaster, then acquired the top training award (wood badge) among other things. Along my journey (this will sound familiar to ANY mason) i was elected to be initiated into the "Order Of The Arrow" went through all 3 ranks. This is a "secret invitation only fraternity within scouts). Just a side note, Baden Powell was not a freemason, (but the creator of the Order of the Arrow was). Well i remember one day another leader was running his mouth to me and i pretty much "put him straight" (easy way of putting it). He looked at me and said "you cant talk to me like this "IM A MASON" i said "umm ok" and he was escorted out. He was just a trouble maker. And as scoutmaster i rule and govern the troop.

    Well i moved to florida and i was missing the charity, and giving to the kids, and the community. Scouting in florida really didnt need any scoutmasters to hellp, they needed kids to join. When i was sorta given the cold shoulder to become a leader of a troop it was kinda turned off. And retired from scouts.

    So his words "IM A MASON" just stuck in my head and i started researching, watching shows on masonry and so on. So about 10 years later of studying and learning i was watching a show on the history channel called "the history of freemasonry" my eyes were pasted to the screen. I then went out and bought a couple of books. And read them back to back.

    So one day in my hunt camp i walked over to a friends trailer (now a brother) and saw a s/c sticker on his window. I asked "are you a freemason!" He said yes. I then asked if we could discuss it some time. So with hunting season being busy at hunt camp we just didn't have time to meet up. So about 3 years later i saw him at the skinning rack and asked him to talk. So we talked for about an hour. He also said "wow 3 years later you still didn't forget. You have a real interest" he then said "i think you are good material for the Freemasons, then he explained what i had to do to petition.

    Well my now, Brother Ron was there the day i got raised.

    Masonry to me filled the void i was missing with scouts. Boy Scouts teaches boys to become good and responsible men through lessons , skill building, and charity.

    When i was a kid my parents really didn't care about me. They put me in scouts so i was not around while they "did the things they did" I paid for all my own scouting fees by going the extra mile volunteering and working for my summer camp fees and such. To this day i don't talk to my mother and if it wasn't for Boy Scouts i can guarantee i would be in prison right now. All my friends used to make fun of me and say "going to your BOY SCOUT MEETING IN THE WOODS?" Well while i was in the woods every weekend they ended up in prison for everything from drugs to murder and if i was tagging along id be in the same place.

    Now I'm an Upright Man and Mason.
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    I: Why did I join the Craft?
    R: Simple! They Got My Goat!
    -- Coach N
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    Green beans. Can't get enough green beans.
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    Wow! A very uplifting story! My hat is off to you brother.
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    Thank you brother!
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    My uncle was a mason. My cousins husband is a mason. So I decided to be one too. To be a part of something bigger than myself is an honor. I wanted more truth.
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