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Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

john riverbank

Registered User
The order of Malta, Order of St Lazarus etc. are chilvaric orders and not church orders. They bestow a knighthood to their members but no churchly authority. An example is Edward Blom who is a commander of The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem wich is a catholic order but he writes cookbooks and is married and have children.
Its best to avoid draging them into disscusions of freemasonry to be honest. We might have been inspired by them but they are to diffrent for it to make sense.

Except for the order of Charles XIII wich is a chilvaric order only given to masons but we swedes are wierd....

The Catholic Order of Malta and Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem are staunchly Catholic, especially the former, knew a member IRL. Thanks for the correction, i'll keep that in mind.

Care to explain why, or is it one of those things that may cause arguments among brothers?

Benjamin Baxter

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I didn’t care for the uniform until I had it all assembled. I was given one from a closet at commandery as a loan. I started to get my uniform out together in pieces. It took me a while to collect it a piece at a time. Once I got it all together and it was mine I started to like it. Not gonna lie, commandery uniforms from start to finish are pricey to buy all of it.

My home commandery does not participate in any drill except the little bit in opening and closing. I wouldn’t even call that drill. So, I decided to plural with a really active commandery in a bigger town and have joined their drill team. We practice weekly and can see the allure of a good drill team. The amount of time it takes to get good as a team at drill has to lead to some great friend ships and fellowship.

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Coach John S. Nagy
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