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  1. blackbeard

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    the fact there are leaks is BAD. but let's not lose sight of the big picture. the man is being held on charges of RAPE. is it or isn't it espionage in the case of the leaks?...who knows? but he is being held on RAPE charges, that alone raises more than one red flag for me as far as his credibility/worth goes.
  2. jonesvilletexas

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    I cannot believe the question would even come up, good or bad. IF, and it could cause even one of our men or woman to fall into harm’s way, then dam the one’s that would stand up for him. If you think that he has the right, let it be your son or daughter they bring home in a box, I pray that it will not be mine.
  3. Blake Bowden

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    I place blame on the intelligence officer who leaked the information, not wikileaks.
  4. JohnnyFlotsam

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    Agreed, though until yesterday, I was waffling on the "rightness" of Wikileaks involvement. Yesterday, I learned that Daniel Ellsberg had weighed in with the observation that the alarmist bleating about Asange is the exact same alarmist bleating that was leveled at him, some forty-two years ago. Q.E.D.

    It is the right, nay, the responsibility of the media to report. Anything that abridges their ability to carry out that responsibility is a threat to our liberty. Anything.

    Does it suck that our country's international relations were hurt by this? Sure, but that is not the fault of Wikileaks. They are not responsible for the leak. They certainly aren't responsible for the behavior of those who conduct foreign relations on our behalf and who have done things that would "embarass" us.

    Has anyone actually been harmed by the leaks? As it turns out, just as it did in the case of "The Pentagon Papers", the answer is no, alarmist bleating notwithstanding. Indeed, Ellsberg's revelations showed that the American people had been lied to, and that the liars knew full well that the Vietnam War could not be won and that continued operations there would result in needless casualties. Now many lives could have been saved and injuries prevented if the American people had, years earlier, come to the realization that the war was a bad idea?

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