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Should Worshipful Masters hold a Certificate?

  1. Yes

    47 vote(s)
  2. No

    25 vote(s)
  3. Unsure

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  1. Cigarzan

    Cigarzan Premium Member

    Should he hold a certificate? Sure. Should he be required to hold a certificate? Naw.
  2. otherstar

    otherstar Registered User

    I don't think officers should be required to know any more than be able to open and close the Lodge. Optimally, they should at least have a "C" certificate. Early in my masonic career, my home lodge had a WM who could do little more ritual than open and close (and he had his lapses at first), but he was a fine leader and had a very good year in the East. Being a good ritualist and a good leader are not related. I've known good leaders who were good ritualists, good leaders who were not good ritualists, bad leaders who were good ritualists, and bad leaders who were bad ritualists. I would classify being a ritualist as one of those "external qualifications" we hear about.
  3. Mac

    Mac Moderator Premium Member

    I agree with that sentiment. I've met plenty of men, ritualist and non, who couldn't lead their way out of a paper sack! Hopefully the head of your Lodge has a good mix of ritual ability and actual leadership, but if I had to pick one... I'd gladly prompt the good leader of men for a year rather than suffer through a bad year where our only achievement was not losing points on a graded visit. ;)
  4. SeeKer.mm

    SeeKer.mm Premium Member

  5. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    Sometimes I think that the one requirement that should be in place is that they want to be in a chair and care about doing the best job they can. We have one Brother that sits in a chair who doesn't really seem to care about much of anything other than making it to the East and moving on so he can be called Past Master. The sad thing is that I have as of yet voted for him to be in a chair. I think that someone who puts forth some effort and seems to truly want to be there should be filling the role.

    As to the poll question, I think that it should be highly recommended to hold at least a "C" certificate, but I am cautious of requiring one.
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  6. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    Personally, I obtained one the year before and this year that I am in the East.

    But can't say I remember anything in there about how to lead a group of men offering their time freely who don't always have the same opinions about everything but can only be considered good men doing their best. Don't remember anything about that in the certification.

    Therefore, I agree, a C Cert is good but should not be required. I do think Grand Lodge got it right when they decided that officers setting at stations should know how to open and close the four lodges.
  7. Mac

    Mac Moderator Premium Member

    Absolutely a great way to look at it, brother! Well said.

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