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  1. chrmc

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    My main advise if you want to join the YR is to take the degrees individually, NOT at a festival. It'll take you a little longer, but you'll get a much more personal and profound experience I think. Personally my brain was totally fried after 3 degrees when I started my YR journed, and I had to call it quits after that.
    And just like the blue lodge degrees, spend some time contemplating between each degree. Don't rush trough it.

    But lastly, if you're presently only an EA focus on that and your next two degrees. The appendant bodies can and should wait!
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  2. Warrior1256

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    Yeah, I was going to do the YR by one day class but that fell through so I am now going to take it degree by degree.
  3. Derek Harvey

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    Yea good advice. I do plan on doing one at a time. I wanna keep it traditional. Thank you
  4. Willaim Perkins

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    If I may throw my 2 cents into this debate. I went YR for several reasons:
    1- Attracted to the uniform when I first joined DeMolay
    2- The RA chapter sponsored our DeMolay chapter and I was headed down the wrong road when I joined
    3- Location of the bodies are in my hometown, SR is 43 miles away
    4- Fees, dues, and gas would make SR extremely expensive.

    Why is SR more popular? People are lazy and have egos:
    more often than not in conversations the responses have been
    a, I could get it "all done in 1 day" (most of those say that what degrees they didn't get, they "probably" won't)
    b. I don't have to do anything but sit there
    c. It's more popular (reminds me of wanting to be with the "in-crowd")
    d. I'd a 32nd, YR doesn't have that.

    I've had to laugh when I've had, people I know, that are not in the Lodge tell me "he's all the way up there", meaning a 32nd. I'll explain or attempt to explain the Orders and how they are the equivalent to being "up there", and I'll often again hear "but he's all the way up there". It is difficult to explain, especially when charts that we use show an upward progression, then we turn around and tell them that there is nothing higher than a Master Mason 3o.
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  5. chrmc

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    I don't know what kind of masons that you hang, but that's not the experience I've had at all in my valley. As I think I said another place, I think SR is often considered the "university of masonry" and there is a lot of knowledge, studies and light to be gained there. That should hopefully be what is attracting people.
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  6. Morris

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    As a MM in the SR I will simply say that I am not lazy or have a big ego. We are all cut from the same cloth.

    I most likely will never go through all the bodies of the YR but it has nothing to do with the people. The people are great.
  7. Mac

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    The material covered in the Master Craftsman program offerings alone is enough to justify calling the SR the University of Freemasonry, especially if you pursue something like the College of the Consistory (offered by Guthrie Scottish Rite). I find much meaning in the teachings of the SR. I have not yet had a chance to plumb the depths of the YR, though.
  8. crono782

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    I've started my companion adept of the temple program (the YR rough equivalent of the master craftsman program). Hopefully it will be as enlightening.
  9. Willaim Perkins

    Willaim Perkins Registered User

    I am not slighting SR nor do I believe that what I have said encompasses that Rite. I respect it and know full well that there is as much a devotion to it as there is to any part of masonry.
  10. Companion Joe

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    The YR has the York Rite College and, as mentioned, the Companion Adept of the Temple program.
  11. MarkR

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    Could have fooled me.
  12. Willaim Perkins

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    Bro. Mark
    My statement was in reference to why t is so popular. Why so many join and then I was refereeing to those that join for the purpose of title, or whatever. The countless number that you seldom, if ever, see again at a Reunion. Every group has them, I see it at my VFW and they show up when there is a function with a free meal, etc. It was not meant to slight any group, it was what I have heard from members of the SR that never do anything. Remember to that I said why it is more popular and my words were in regards to a reason why so many go that route NOT one of the primary reasons. we have them in the YR too.

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