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    1. Warrior1256
      Hello Companion. I saw from one of your posts that you took a course through the York Rite College. I was initiated into the College the 30th of last month. I am very grateful and proud to be a member but didn't post it on the site because I was informed that I could not volunteer this information to non-members. But since you are a member I can share it with you privately.
    2. CLewey44
      Hello friend, I wanted to see if you were a member of the SRICF. If so, which is the best route to take in getting an invite. YR or SR?
    3. cemab4y
      I appreciate your comments and kindness on the forums. I wish everyone would consider all points of view.
    4. Warrior1256
      I am a new MM. I would really like to join the York Rite but I understand that once a person reaches the Knights Templar position that the cost of clothing and other equipment can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Is this true? Any information that you can give me on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
      1. Companion Joe
        Companion Joe
        It can be very expensive, but don't have spend a lot. You don't have to have all the stuff to attend Commandery meetings unless you are an officer. The Chapter and Council don't have any special gear. Many Commanderies have uniforms to loan/give members. The belt and chapeau are what is expensive. People are usually happy to assist with helping people out.
        Aug 12, 2014
      2. Warrior1256
        Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it.
        Aug 13, 2014
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