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  • Hello Brother Bruce. My e-mail address is Thank you very much for the photos and for all that you do to keep Masonry alive in Texas.
    got some pics need an email address or if you give me a bit I will fix up an ftp for you. These are NOT what hit the GL website
    that sure is a great looking picture. greg just sent me a scottish rite web site thats kinda like this one, but was set up by washington scottish rite. well gotta go hang some pictures on wall for cheryl before i go to mike nelsons golden trowel.
    Brother Bill,
    I am a Past Master of Landmark Lodge # 1168, which has since merged with Oak Cliff #705. The Lodge was so-named because as masons we are to strictly adhere to the ancient landmarks that set us apart from other organizations or fraternaties.
    Sorry for the confusion.
    Bro. Gerald,

    Your signature includes "Landmark PM". I'm not familiar with that- what does it mean/stand for?

    Thanks, Bill Lins
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