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  1. Hippie19950

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    I am posting here, as I want to post the name of the Brother, and do not remember the rules off hand.
    Brother Jerry Stores has been battling cancer for about a year now. He has done all the Doc's have ordered, and the cancer itself has been fought off pretty much. The cancer has been in his lungs, and they are damaged. He has been hospitalized for the last 4-5 days in Bryan, Texas, and today the Dr. said he was fighting very hard to heal, and his lungs were not able to maintain this work out while he was conscious and moving about. It was discussed with Jerry, and his wife Louise about putting him in an induced coma to assist his healing. Brother Jerry, and his wife agreed. Please pray for these two fine folks. Jerry is a Deacon at our Church, Elliott Baptist, just outside of Hearne. As I recall, Jerry is a member of Adam Royder Lodge in Wellborn. Brother Nate may remember them from his time here as a youth. Brother Jerry has been a close friend of mine long before I started at Elliott Baptist, or became a Mason. He worked at Mansel Alignment in Bryan for a very long time. He told me he quit smoking in 1956, and it is thought the cancer stemmed from the Asbestos used in brake and clutch linings. He retired a few years ago, and has been a blessing to many of us before and since. I'm greedy right now. I don't want to lose him... His Brother-in-law, Jack Allen Mathews was my inspiration in life, and to finally take the "steps" to be a Mason. Jack left us 6 years ago, and was Louise's brother.
  2. Kenneth Hart

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    Brother Jerry will be lifted in my prayers and his story will be told to the Bretheren at my Lodge.
  3. LRG

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    GOD SPEED to B/Stores and his loved ones
  4. Blake Bowden

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    I'm sorry to hear of this Brothers circumstances. He will be in our prayers.
  5. RedTemplar

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    It never ceases to amaze me how powerful words can be when they come from the heart.
    The only way I can describe your post, Brother Paul, is that it is like God is speaking to me to respond in some way. I do not know what is in store for Brother Jerry, but I do feel that he is loved. And for what I am feeling right now, I thank you voicing your love for your Brother. May He, Who does all things well, continue to bless
  6. Nate Riley

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    Prayers sent!
  7. rhitland

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    HE will be in my prayers.
  8. Bill Lins

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