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brother josh

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Oh I never said it was un masonic in any way trust me this is why we have and investigation so koo koos and nut jobs don't get it

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Don't place to much emphasise on the buckles formed as snakes. They have been around for an awful long time. As a child 60 odd years ago every English
schoolboy had an elastic belt with a snake buckle identical to those on Masonic aprons and as a police officer wearing Victorian Number 1 dress uniform
for ceremonial occasions(Trooping of the Colour for instance) the leather belt had the exact same buckle. It seems to me they are used because they are very quick and easy to fasten, they are decorative and also very cheap having been in production from time immemorial.(Well almost)


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Very interesting. I guess that my apron hook resembles that second one. I never paid attention to it before......

I should mock you.... but people in glass houses :) it's amazing how many people "don't pay attention". I've been a WM three times, held every offiice except Sec Tres Chaplain and Organist. Recently a bro talking about the Order of Athelstan and how we've lost a lost of symbols in the craft that appear in that order and i noted (here) the behive does not appear. He looked at me and said its on every Grand and Lodge officer. *bloke confused* he pointed to my collar and sure enough, they all have a beehive on them. I'd never noticed..


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What then is the most common symbol in the lodge?

Not sure about the behive being the 2nd most common.

I guess the most common symbol in lodge is light (cause we turn them on) or the 90° angle. Or perhaps geometry cause its all shapes. There is a hell of a lot of blue in ours, but thats not universal. I'm tempted to lock in the 90° angle....

Lock in geometry :)