Grand Lodges in Italy

Discussion in 'International Freemasonry' started by RhushidaK, May 30, 2017.

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    could not agree more with your comments.
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    Considering that P3 is supposed to be just like P2 it would be more supprising if they didnt have a file on it.

    Freemasonry is not just a boogieman, the irregular political freemasonry is working against the church in many countries.

    Lets face it, until freemasonic lodges stop working political and starts to only initiate christians the RCC will not change its stance.
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    While irregular political masonic lodges might exist, they are irregular. A core of regular freemasonry is abstaining from religious and political intercourse as lodges.

    Can you list 10 of these "many" countries where Freemasonry is currently working "against" the RCC ? Can you name a single regular GL who does that ?

    Freemasonry has long tradition of initiating non-Christians, because we're a fraternity and not a religion and we're not a Church - with the exception of the Swedish Rite, we're designed like that exactly so we can initiated men with diverse spiritual and religious beliefs...

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