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    I finally met up with one of the Lodge memebers in Copperas Cove, Mt. Hiram Lodge #595. Great group of guys. I did not expect for so many guys coming up to me to shake my hand and introducing themselves, I was trying to stay calm!!! LOL. One of the Brothers actually took me in the Lodge "Room" and sat me down for him and I to conversate. I asked him questions as he did me. It was so surreal to be in the room where many brothers had walked for 100s of years. Of couse I have to go to the meet and greet every Tuesdays, but it will be well worth it!!!! Thanks Brother Gary Parris and all the Brothers that were there!!!!!!!
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    Wonderful news indeed!! Congratulations!
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    Vinny this is great news, I take it you wont be making it to Belton as we talked about? This is fine there are some great people out in Cove (o:
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    Probably won't now. LOL. I hope that we can meet up sometime. Yes, the guys at Cove are great. Cove was closer, other than Killeen. I stay at the end of Killeen on the Cove side, Clear Creek and Metroplex area.
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    Vinny, I am glad you have met with a good group of Brothers. I hope my oldest son walks through those doors some day (hopefully soon!) too. He has talked about it, and seems interested, but his duties with the FD, and life in general has not yet provided him the time he thinks he needs. I put off coming in for too many years, saying I didn't feel I had the time to learn the work, and to devote to the Lodge. Man was I wrong!! I discovered I had it all along, and had I been as smart as I THOUGHT I was 25-30 years ago, I would be a lot farther along. I am about to turn 59, and this is my third year as a Master Mason. I don't want Walt to be this old when he finds the Light, and realizes what he has missed, and still has in store. Good Luck, and enjoy the time.
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