How often did you study when coming through the degrees?

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  1. jwhoff

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    The absolute last thing my older brother did was teach me the esoteric work. We met nightly through my raising. He died of cancer a few days later and another member of the lodge took me across the goal line. I liked to learn two or three (longer) questions and answers a night and then have them down completely when I next sat down for more. Some days I just spruced up my delivery or ironed out the rough spots.

    With my students, I like to work at least twice per week. Currently, I am working with a new brother who is just down the hall at work. We work during lunch hours. If he is a little off the work we go over what he's already in possession of and make sure he has it all down before going further. The first week he got 20 Q&As down well. We're now past the door and scooting around the lodge room.

    Just make sure you are comfortable with all in your possession before moving on. Don't push and don't be pushed. Remember, not only are you feeling out the work and your mentor, he is also feeling you out. A good mentor doesn't teach the work the same way to everyone. It takes a while to figure out how a man learns. Once you have, you know his trip wires and how best to deliver the information.

    Don't worry, you'll be there before you know it.
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    5 days a week at work plus 1 night a week at Lodge.

    30 minute sessions at work, usually. Some days everything clicked and I went longer some days not and we went shorter.

    Know the answer word perfect before going to the next question!

    You can't help but learn the Q&A as you go, what you have to turn in and how much (all or section at time) you turn in is different in each Lodge and Grand jurisdiction
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    practiced with my candidate coach twice a week for a couple weeks, studied everyday as I was eager to learn the ritual perfectly and be advanced through the degrees.
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    Consider I was OLD when I started (all of 56!!!) My Instructor and I met every evening after I got off work at his house. We studied for 30 minutes - 2 hours. It was not just solid hammer time on the long nights, but I really enjoyed the work, was able to learn pretty quick, and made it through all 3 Degrees in about 4 months. I was installed as S.D. in the new year (2 weeks after being raised), then to J.W the next year, and now W.M. Though I learned the work as given, I looked for, and asked for MORE information as we studied. There is MUCH more than what you "normally" learn. Now, why did I move so fast??? Nope, I'm NOT that smart!!! We are a small Lodge with a lot of older members. Many times the W.M. has served multiple terms in a row. I was supposed to have another year in the S.W. chair, but the Brother there was not comfortable moving to the East. He is well into his 80's, and has memory problems now. He does good, but just gets stuck sometimes, and his hearing has started going. I was informed I would be going to the East, and would have help as needed. Man did I NEED help!!! I have done pretty good for being a M.M. for so short a time, but I wish I had been given more time. I am fortunate to have MANY good folks in our Lodge, as well as the surrounding Lodges who are ready to help at a moments notice. When asked about moving through the chairs, I will be one of the FIRST to tell a Brother to take plenty of time before moving up. Enjoying being a Brother, you will have time for the rest later. When the time comes, and you are presented with the offer to work them, then go ahead. Just don't get in a hurry. Many are in a hurry to get through their year as W.M., to get the burden off them. Me?? I just want to be able to work the other positions, and enjoy being a "plain Old Brother" among the masses :) If the Lodge is small, and needs you to work through, then do it, but ask for and accept all good help you can get. Don't let anyone run it for you, but look at all the advice given before making a decision. You will learn who is best suited to work. After you are raised, come back and read this post again. there are a few hints within, and you might get a smile then.
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    Smithfield 455 in NE Tarrant County (IVO Fort Worth) should have been called Bell Helicopter Lodge, for all the employees that are members. Working there myself, I had many men who were willing to spend a 10-minute break or even their lunch, working with me over sandwiches and sliced apples. 10-30 minutes, 5-times a week--in addition to time at lodge--was a wonderful way to learn about Masonry and Masons.
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    I met with my instructor about 3 times a week. At his home. In two week I had the questions and answers down and had to wait for stated meeting to turn in work. I examined myself, questions and answers, the next stated meeting after each degree. I was raised in April 1965. My instructor was an older blind mason who had forgot more about masonry than most masons learn in a life time. Being blind He had a teaching method that was unbelievable. You just understood what he was saying and it stuck. The instructor is the key.
  7. davidterrell80

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    The most fascinating aspect of the thread is learning of the close brotherly relationships one can form during the learning process. I pray we all learn from this--and feel inspired to maintain our own proficiency, so that when the GAOTU places a new brother in our way, we may be found duly and truly prepared, worthy and well qualified to be such a Brother as those we have extolled here.


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