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    I married a wonderful West Texas Gal and her Granfather was a Mason. He was a wonderful man, and the more I was around him, I started to remember that 2 of my uncles had been Mason's. They were wonderful men also. Then I started to notice that the men that I came across, that are Masons have that, undiscribable quality about them. It is hard to describe a Mason. There are so many good qualities, and many are hidden. But they are all wonderful men.
    My wife's Grandfather passed away, and at his funeral, the Masons performed his ceremony. Before passing he told my wife that he sure wished I would become a Mason. She told me this after his funeral. That was the tipping point for me. I had to become a Mason.
    I joined the John Sayles #1408 in Abilene Texas. I will be giving my FC exam Monday, Mar 23rd, and will be raised to MM on the 30th of March.
    I asked 3 days ago if I could be on the "Funeral Committee" hoping to be a part of that ceremony. I was informed that not only can I be a part of the committee, I can be in charge of the committee, come June. That makes me so happy, just being able to give back to the members on their last day on this earth.
    I love this organization. I now see why my wife's Grandfather was a happy go lucky man.
    Thank you for your time.
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  2. JTM

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    grats. Personally, I can't see myself being part of a masonic funeral. it's hard enough for me to go through the apron presentation without breakin up.

    good to hear.
  3. Old Texan

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    I know it will be hard, but I want to be able to provide each member the grandest memorial that I can possibly give. The ceremony that was given for my wife's Grandfather, not only moved me to tears, but inspired me, in that I was in awe that some men would take time of their day to give a beautiful tribute to him.
    That ceremony made such a last impression on the family at that time.
  4. Blake Bowden

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    Wonderful story Brother! Thank you for sharing!
  5. rhitland

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    Go get em old Texan, I love to hear of Brothers making Masonry their own and improving it with some real inspiration. The funeral ceramony is one of the very few public ceramonies we perform and I applaude you for taking that on. Makes me want to go memorize something right now :) kudos Brother and thanks for the Masonic energy boost.
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    Thank you for sharing your story with me.
  7. cmoreno85tx

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    Thank you Brother from the story. It is not only great to read why Brothers join but it also helps petitioners and non-Masons really see what we are all about.
  8. RJS

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    Great story! Thank you for sharing.
  9. Joey

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    Thanks for sharing that with us. What a great story!
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    I appreciate the work that you and all of the funeral committees do for our departed brothers. The veil of secrecy is lifted, and for many people, this is the only Masonic ritual they will ever see. Whenever I attend a Masonic funeral, I can see in the faces of the audience, that they are impressed.

    One of the most beautiful funerals I ever saw, was when one of our brothers passed away. This man was a Shriner, and also very active in the clowns. After his Masonic funeral, he was carried in his casket, by a group of Shrine clowns- Dressed in full clown costumes and makeup.

    The pallbearers were all weeping, as they carried their brother to his final rest. It was the most touching gesture of friendship, I have ever seen. It was a scene right out of "Pagliacci".
  11. RedTemplar

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    I believe your wife is a lucky gal!
  12. Bro Juju

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    Beautiful story brother.
  13. rpbrown

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    Congradulations on your journey and the quest to be in charge of the funeral committee.

    We have a brother in our lodge that is a funeral director. He has been put in charge of our funeral committee.

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