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I have seen the Star in the East


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Worthy Patron
Light of Hope Chapter #114
Charlotte, NC
It is an absolute pleasure!

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Worthy patron at Star Light #463 in Knoxville Tn. For now at least , do to losing members to death we are having to seek to combine with another chapter. Is this problem all over?


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After I was I ,P & R my wife went to worship and I followed after I get healed she will also!!!!!

Karen MM

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I am a 3rd generation Eastern Star. I am also my Chapter's representative to the Rainbow Chapter. I'm proud to be working with Rainbow as an adult, since I am a majority Rainbow Girl.


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I've been acting as Worthy Patron for my mother and her chapter as her Worthy Patron cannot make it to the first meeting of the month.

Keith C

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My wife joined OES last year and is now Associate Conductress. I am currently Junior Warden in my Blue Lodge and just petitioned to join Chapter in York Rite (Mainly because the local Chapter is going to be conferring Royal Arch Degree in the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA) so I am holding off on joining OES until my year in the East is over. This way I will join her Chapter of OES when she is Worthy Matron.