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Where do you usually meet with a Petitioner to investigate him?

  1. at the Lodge

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  2. in his home

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  3. at a restaurant or other public place

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  4. over the phone

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  1. Bill Lins

    Bill Lins Moderating Staff Staff Member

    This month's Short Talk Bulletin is titled "Qualifications of Investigators". It speaks to the questions asked in this thread & is excellent reading. Every Texas Lodge gets it in the mail- see your Secretary.
  2. RAY

    RAY Registered User

    I have always done it in the home if possible. I like the wife/relatives to join in as it sets the home atmosphere and makes it easy on the petitioner.The service personnel I have investigated were at the lodge since they usually didn't have a home. You just do what you must to get the job done in the long run.
  3. drapetomaniac

    drapetomaniac Premium Member Premium Member


    Mine was done in my home and my wife spent a lot of time cleaning and fussing to make sure "everything was in order" , then she ended up being called away to an appointment.

    During the meeting, I was holding my sick son the whole time - until he proceeded to completely empty the contents of his stomach. I was holding him in a blanket so nobody noticed. Eventually I stood up, at which point things started spilling about and explained I had to change my clothes and clean up a bit before we kept going.

    But at least the house was clean!
  4. Chris_Ryland

    Chris_Ryland Registered User

    I always do my investigations in the person's home. You get a better feel for who he really is in his home. You get to see how he lives---I don't care if he is rich or poor, has a huge house or a small apartment---but I want to know how he carries himself. I want to make sure that I want to take him by the hand as a brother. I have given reports that were unfavorable based on what I felt after meeting with a man. I think that if we go into a man's home with a mindset of "Will this man make a good Mason?" instead of "Yeah another member" we will have a greater success in our investigations. Always ask more questions than just the required ones.

    Why do you want to become a Mason?
    Do you any history of Freemasonry?
    Do you have the time to dedicate to study?

    Always invite his entire family to join in the discussion. They may have questions that will make his journey to becoming a MM easier. You can explain the time involved to the family and get them on board to what the husband or dad is about to do.
    Remember to INVESTIGATE not to just ask questions!!!!
  5. rhitland

    rhitland Founding Member Premium Member

    I always find that informing the candidate that the investigation process is a 2 way street always helps. I inform them they need to investigate Masonry just as it is investigating them because this is not for everyone and before we waste yours and my time by proceeded you need to ask lots of questions so you know what you are getting into. This usually gives them some comfort and eases their nerves which allows you to get good questions and honest answers from them.
  6. TCShelton

    TCShelton Founding Member Premium Member

  7. JTM

    JTM "Just in case" Premium Member

    just now saw this. HILARIOUS.

    also, true. epic.
  8. tom268

    tom268 Registered User

    We don't have a fix committee, but the brother or the brothers, who are in contact with a petitioner, do the first meeting on neutral ground, usually a restaurant. At least one meeting should be at his home, but there is no rule on this. We often see our petitioners on the open events we have, like newyears dinner, christmas family festive or summer BBQ.
  9. Benton

    Benton Premium Member

    We don't have a fixed committee either, one is appointed for every candidate.

    I do think that they should meet at the candidates home at least once. You can tell a lot about someone from their home.
  10. Dave in Waco

    Dave in Waco Premium Member

    According to Texas GL the Investigation Committee is not supposed to be a standing committee.
  11. RAY

    RAY Registered User

    Investigating committees are suppose to be appointed on each petition for the mysteries then discharges when the reports are turned in and read at the stated meeting.
  12. Timothy Fleischer

    Timothy Fleischer Registered User

    Here are three helpful files.
    One is a discussion called Guarding the West Gate.
    Second is an Investigating committee form, from which jurisdiction I forget, but I think the questions on it are applicable to any investigation.
    Third is a longer discussion of Freemasonry in general, called "Laudable Pursuit."
    View attachment 1884 View attachment Guarding_the_West_Gate.pdf View attachment investigatingform.pdf View attachment 1884 View attachment Guarding_the_West_Gate.pdf View attachment investigatingform.pdf View attachment 1884

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