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    Sure, but see the law for other jurisdictions:

    Statement issued by UGLE – 10th March 1999

    There exist in England and Wales at least two Grand Lodges solely for women. Except that these bodies admit women, they are, so far as can be ascertained, otherwise regular in their practice. There is also one which admits both men and women to membership. They are not recognised by this Grand Lodge and intervisitation may not take place. There are, however, discussions from time to time with the women’s Grand Lodges on matters of mutual concern. Brethren are therefore free to explain to non-Masons, if asked, that Freemasonry is not confined to men(even though this Grand Lodge does not itself admit women). Further information about these bodies may be obtained by writing to the Grand Secretary.

    The Board is also aware that there exist other bodies not directly imitative of pure antient Masonry, but which by implication introduce Freemasonry, such as the Order of the Eastern Star. Membership of such bodies, attendance at their meetings, or participation in their ceremonies is incompatible with membership of this Grand Lodge.


    The General Assembly of the Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland has adopted the following declaration with respect to Feminine Freemasonry in Switzerland as of 6th June 2009.

    In Consideration of the following Conclusions

    1 For quite a period of time and parallel to the GLSA, other Masonic organizations exist in Switzerland which do not work in a regular manner in line with the wording of our Constitution.

    2 As far as we can ascertain, apart from the fact that they admit women, feminine lodges practice a standard which would be close to the regularity according to the GLSA definition.

    3 The existence of these organizations has been documented by the GLSA, e.g. in articles about feminine freemasonry in the “Handbuch des Freimaurers”, published in 1999, as well as in articles on feminine freemasonry on the GLSA website.

    4 At various locations in Switzerland, collaboration has been established at Lodge level in the fields of charity, conferences as well as public events and for the mutual use of infrastructure.

    The Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland resolves as follows

    1 It acknowledges

    2 the existence of feminine freemasonry in Switzerland, with which however it does not have any formal relations, and with which visiting and the exchange of friendship ambassadors are excluded.

    3 It supports

    4 regular and informal contacts between GLSA and the Women’s Grand Lodge of Switzerland at the Executive Grand Lodge level and considers these to have a positive impact on freemansonry in Switzerland.

    5 It is open as to
    non-ritual contacts between GLSA lodges and feminine lodges for the purpose of collaboration in social, humanitarian, cultural and other reasonable fields.
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    I would cease my affiliation immediately

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    What is freemasonry to you? What purpose do you have as a freemason?

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    A lot of men forget what is the true freemasonry! Now I am aware that traditionally because women were considered the propriety of their husband and had no right at all.... only men was admitted ! Its 2020 now ! Tradition of regular masonry should be kept! To me women and men should not be mixte but I believe that being a mason is also having a ligne of conduct , working constantly in order to polish our self, respecting the limits of others, study great work from the past, getting enlightenment from fraternal sharing, respecting your fellow brethren and sisters ! See im a part of Memphis Misraïm and as women we do love all of our brothers and sisters no matter what ! If we see a bro we would never leave him in need of help ! Freemasonry has many branches to its tree but at the end of the day we all share a common goal ! Shriners, eastern star, freemasons of all kind = one big family ! Faith Hope Charity !

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    Is the GAOTU a male?
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    Depends on your perspective.
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