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MWPHGL of Texas Approves Cross Visitation!!!

Blake Bowden

Staff Member
Fantastic news from Bro. Frederic L. Milliken!

"Grand Master Wilbert M. Curtis addresses his Grand Lodge, The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas. Today Prince Hall Texas approved cross visitation with the Grand Lodge of Texas AF & AM which will vote on the same in December at its Grand Session."



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Great news indeed. And I sure hope an implementation in December will happen.
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Blake Bowden

Staff Member
I'm still in shock. I can remember just a few years ago the resistance to change, being labeled un-Masonic not to mention the countless emails I received railing against my support of inter-visitation. It's been a long road for all Masons but the day is coming when I can sit in a Lodge with a Prince Hall Brother! I said it before, but if/when this is ratified by both Grand Lodges, it will send a huge shockwave across the jurisdictions that are still holding out. The doors are going to be blown wide open for all regular Masons! Hats off to the Brethren on both sides who worked on getting this thing done.


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I don't read the word "affiliation" there?

On the one hand the existence of jurisdictions without multiple affiliation is not an issue having to do with historical injustices.

On the other hand the moral high ground is to offer it and let the other jurisdiction decide if they allow multiple affiliation. Undertaking an agreement that specifies a restriction, any restriction, compared to "full traditional recognition" creates a second class citizenship status.

This is a chance for the GLofTX committee on fraternal relations to rise above. Just make the vote be "full traditional recognition" and let other jurisdictions work out restrictions.


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I truly hope that GLofTX votes to allow full visitation. Unfortunately I can see the same tired excuses being trotted out as to why we should not recognize our Prince Hall brethren. I think the vote by The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas to allow cross visitation is a wonderful and brilliant move. The ball is now in our Grand Lodge's court.

Bro. David F. Hill

David F. Hill
Premium Member
The tentative agreement was struck between the officers from both Grand Lodges. Interestingly, once the GM's got to talk face to face a lot of mis-conceptions were cleared up. We have voted to ratify it and now it is up to the GL of Texas to do the same. Does not allow plural membership but may allow associate membership as we allow that now. Basically you are a non-voting member of the second lodge.