Questioning My Decision to Become a Mason

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    There is also a system called the "Stated meeting dinner". The lodge is opened. The lodge is called from labor to refreshment. There is a dinner (refreshment) that is usually in the dining room but that can be in the lodge room. The lodge room is purged of non-masons. The lodge is called from refreshment to labor. The business resumes. In the case of an actual Stated meeting dinner the wives have a program of their own during the business.

    The last time I attended a blue lodge that used this process I lived in Seattle metro. It's my understanding that there are entire states were the process is not even taught as an option. But every ritual I've learned had calling from labor to refreshment and back as an option. Here is Texas the only group I know that does this is my Shrine. My wife loves being at the wives' programs during the Shrine stated meeting as she remembers them from when we lived in Seattle metro.

    In my Illinois blue lodges I've been to presentations from members of the Masonic Homes board. The lodge used the process so she could give us her presentation while at refreshment from a Stated meeting. There's no need to do the presentation *before* the meeting. You just need to know the ritual to call from labor to refreshment and back, and to know this is one of the reasons we have that feature in our ritual options.

    I also remember calling from labor to refreshment for one of the youth orders to come in to demonstrate a living cross ceremony with each of the girls reciting ritual as she took her place in the formation. I don't remember which of the two orders it was but I do remember it being a wonderful bit of lecture ritual combined with floor work ritual. Then they left and we called from refreshment to labor to resume the business.
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    In one of my Lodges the partners went out together while we were in lodge, then we’d meet them after for a pint or tea and some conversation.
    We also brought non-mason speakers in during refreshment, and had open installations with the other lodge in the building. It was after witnessing an installation that I asked for a petition.
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    I want one. Where do you find one ?
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    Dunno- somebody sent me the photo years ago.
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    We do have that option here as well. It is just the majority opinion that that takes longer and requires more herding of cats to make it work!
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    I found one. On eBay $12.99 item #1518584716518
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    Very sorry for your loss and sorry experiences with your lodge. Your reply indicates you have the right attitude. Like others have said, I recommend you finish your MM then visit other lodges and let time determine what you do with regards to Masonry in the future. Lodges vary, some considerably. The Lodge I was raised in, more than 35 years ago, has a widespread reputation as the unfriendliest many have ever seen. The small, rural Lodge I now belong to epitomizes what Masonic Brotherhood really means.
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    I'm going to pose a potentially unpopular opinion: if you don't find fulfillment in your lodge involvement, perhaps you can supplement it by getting involved with the youth groups in your area or even in Eastern Star/Amaranth. Some of the best Masons I know (or knew) were advisors to both DeMolay and one of the girl's groups in NY--Triangle. Masons make good men better? How about the nobility in the task of making young people better?

    Don't get me wrong....a good many folks are still involved in their lodges and chapters. But those who get involved in the youth groups and serve them well and for the right reasons (I'm not talking about the power hungry title hoarders or control freaks) seems to fill a void. I'm not a Mason, nor do I want to be one (though I do find that thread to be fascinating...) so I imagine only other Masons could say what said void is.
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    Excellent advice!
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    Let's work toward that goal, I tell my Craft all the time i just want to do MASONRY !!!

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